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  • RESPOND: While human conversations are optimal, you're not available 24/7/365. The Calldrip AI Assistant can help you automatically respond when your team is not available.
  • NURTURE: If you don't immediately connect with a prospect, our AI Assistant will automatically follow-up. The AI Assistant creates and executes a unique lead nurturing sequence for your leads.
  • LISTEN:  Monitoring every call is tedious and time consuming, AI Monitoring automatically reveals actionable insights on every conversation and alerts you to those situations that need attention.
  • SCORE:  Assess your overall team performance to customizable KPI's.  AI Scoring will automatically measure and score every call to align performance and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • COACH: Now that you've efficiently gained deeper insight into every customer engagement our AI Coaching will automatically provide concise personalized coaching that is easy to remember and implement.

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Calldrip is the single most effective tool to come out since I started in Internet Sales back in 1998! It has such a huge effect on response times that the 'WOW' factor from customers always brings a smile to my face. I smile even more when I see my appointment, show, and closing ratios skyrocket. Calldrip also helps me to cut out my competition by starting a dialogue before most CRMs can even process the lead! I highly and confidently recommend CallDrip to anyone except my competition!

Ray Velasquez
Internet Sales/BDC Director

Thousands of companies use Calldrip for automating lead follow-up, tracking calls, and coaching their sales teams.