Custom Email API

The Calldrip email API allows anyone to connect their website or business with a Calldrip account in just seconds. Simply send an email containing the lead’s information directly to your Calldrip account. Calldrip then processes these emails and instantly turns them into phone calls.

How do I get started?

  1. To get started, simply locate the unique sendto address for the desired source from within your Calldrip account. (Please note only active users have access to the email API)
  2. Send or forward an email containing the necessary fieldsets shown below.
  3. Start receiving new calls!

Email Addresss


*Source ID's can be found under My Account > API

Acceptable Parameters

  • #apikey = Account API key. (This must be the first value in your email)
  • #fname = First name from the form.
  • #lname = Last name from the form.
  • #phone = Phone number from the form.
  • #note = Extra information to be stored. (See below)
  • #whisper = Information that will be read to agent before placing call. We recommend that you keep this relatively short. (See below)

Please note that any data containing spaces must also end with the field tag. For example, #note This is a note. #note

Basic Example

You have a new lead!
#apikey 0123456789 #apikey
#fname Joe #fname
#lname Nobody #lname
#phone (888) 869-1131 #phone
#email #email
#note I’m interested in learning more about your product #note
#whisper Joe is interested in red or white cars #whisper