Save Money on your Phone System with a Free Virtual Receptionist!

Create a virtual receptionist to connect your customers to the right person or team!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is included at no charge in your Calldrip subscription.

The Calldrip virtual receptionist enables:

  • Seamless connection of any phone number to our cloud based call bridge.
  • Easy to set-up and implement with customizable greetings. 
  • Intelligent routing to automatically route calls to the right person or matter the location.
  • Ability to set schedules for each person or team so calls are automatically sent to an available person.

There is no additional cost for our software based IVR, it is fully integrated into your existing Calldrip plan.  We can have you up and running immediately with no hardware costs or burdensome learning curve. 

Thousands of companies use Calldrip for automating lead follow-up, tracking calls, and coaching their sales teams.