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We're proud to offer a new professional service, VIP Customer Connect, exclusively to current Calldrip customers!

VIP Customer Connect includes:

  • Access to trained sales reps who are native English speakers with experience in rapid lead response.
  • Rapid lead response when you need it. We can be there to support your sales team when they’re too busy, and/or to field leads after-hours, on weekends, and  holidays.
  • Text and phone responses depending on the lead’s preference and time of day.
  • Complimentary brand training to ensure every call or text accurately reflects your company.

With VIP Customer Connect, you can rest easy knowing that your leads are always getting contacted within minutes of their inquiry, no matter what time day or night.

VIP Customer Connect is only available to current customers as an add-on to your existing subscription. We’re there when you can’t be!

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Calldrip is the single most effective tool to come out since I started in Internet Sales back in 1998! It has such a huge effect on response times that the 'WOW' factor from customers always brings a smile to my face. I smile even more when I see my appointment, show, and closing ratios skyrocket. Calldrip also helps me to cut out my competition by starting a dialogue before most CRMs can even process the lead! I highly and confidently recommend CallDrip to anyone except my competition!

Ray Velasquez
Internet Sales/BDC Director

Thousands of companies use Calldrip for automating lead follow-up, tracking calls, and coaching their sales teams.