Automotive sales software that gives your team extra horse power

Effortlessly capture, connect with, and convert automotive leads to customers — fast. Experience Calldrip's all-in-one automotive sales software today.

Thousands of dealers use Calldrip for automatic lead follow-up, call tracking, and sales team coaching.

How Our Award-Winning Automative Sales Software Works

Learn more about how our conversational sales enablement software for auto dealerships works to help you sell more vehicles.

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1. Connect & Convert

First, a lead submits an inquiry digitally, via an ad, a chat, or a landing page. And thanks to Calldrip, you're ready to connect!

Our all-in-one sales enablement software, that includes rapid lead response, you’re able to respond almost instantly anytime, anywhere.

And with AI Sales Assistants, you can be responsive 24/7/365 - even on weekends and holidays - with an automated, on-brand text.

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2. Analyze

Next, we'll help you analyze your performance in real-time and historically with powerful call tracking software and AI call monitoring. We automatically record and transcribe every call, and create a summary. Bonus features like keyword spotting provide even more insight into the call quality.

One of the most popular features are the call scorecards. We automatically score each and every call based on KPIs you set. This pinpoints training opportunities!

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3. Improve

Finally, with insights into performance by individual sales reps and your company as a whole, you're ready to improve proactively.

Calldrip's AI sales coaching software identifies opportunities for both traditional sales coaching and self-coaching, saving time, effort, and money!

Sales performance improves and your team feels more supported - and you barely have to lift a finger.

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Here's what you get in your Calldrip plan:


An AI sales assistant that initiatives the right conversation, at the right time.

With our always-on, automotive-specific AI sales assistant, you can be confident that every lead, prospect, and customer has a great experience, every time.

Popular Features

  • Custom conversation flows based on your assistant's goals.
  • Seamless handoff to your sales representatives at the perfect moment.
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Custom Chat Widgets

Engage your leads in conversation while they're on your site with our web chat tool.

Popular Features

  • Seamless branded communication with leads
  • Built-in automated calling functionality
  • 24/7 chat availability

Respond to leads in seconds and schedule more appointments

Calldrip's communication software empowers your team to connect with your web and phone leads immediately via call. This drives customer satisfaction and helps you set more appointments. 

Popular Features

  • Instant follow-up calls to active leads
  • Automatic sales rep call assignment and connects
  • Clear call flows and escalation

Reveal the campaigns that drive dealership appointments

Track marketing ROI and gain visibility into your lead sources, calls, and people. 

Popular Features

  • Local phone numbers
  • Conversion tracking and performance reports
  • Real-time notifications and alerts

Easily evaluate every sales call with AI.

Effortlessly monitor every call with AI. Pinpoint improvement opportunities - and activate them in real-time - with phone call recordings, tags, call summaries, and sentiment analysis. 

Popular Features

  • AI-powered call summaries with key takeaways and sentiment analysis.
  • Automated keyword spotting and alerting.
  • Consistent outcome analysis to identify coaching opportunities.

Coach and train your team

Help your sales and service teams get to the next level with customized KPI's, scorecards, and playbooks.

Popular Features

  • Customizable KPIs and scorecards
  • AI call scoring and coaching
  • Performance insights and opportunities

Build your dealership's trust, online

Show consumers why you deserve their business. Become a top-rated dealership by automatically sending review requests to your customers. 

Popular Features

  • Satisfaction ratings
  • Request reviews
  • Sync with Google My Business

Proud Winner of the 2023 AWA Award for Sales Process!

We're proud to be the winners of the 2023 AWA Award for Sales Process! The AWA Awards shine a spotlight on vendors who are working hard to make real and meaningful strides for the dealer’s benefit: improving the consumer experience, creating operational efficiencies, and bringing true transparency to marketing. In 2023, Calldrip won the award for sales process. Watch the full evaluation video:

We started using Calldrip…and immediately we saw our connection rate increase. We also received a pleasant response from the customer with praise of speed in which we answered their lead.

Before Calldrip we tracked some leads needing 3-4 calls before a connection was made. With Calldrip, the customer is at the computer or on their mobile device leading to a higher connect rate…Can’t imagine life without it!

Lee Jones
General Sales Manager

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