Improve Phone Handling Skills & Close More Deals with Call Monitoring

Our AI Phone Monitoring helps your team make better calls, every time. Ready to experience the magic?

How AI call monitoring reduces inefficiency and unlocks powerful AI insights.

Here's the simple, 3-step process to effortlessly connect with and convert leads into prospects:

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Effortlessly track, monitor and analyze every call.

Forget manually reviewing conversations and time-intensive monitoring and coaching. With  our AI-powered call monitoring solution, you'll experience automatic recordings, transcriptions, scanning, keyword tagging, sentiment analysis, and call summaries. 

Save hours every week on phone call monitoring and coaching - while improving sales performance.


Get automatic, effective monitoring plus coaching.

Combining call monitoring with coaching improves your performance. Our AI sales coaching automatically evaluates and provides coaching recommendations, including a sales scorecard, for each call. This not only unlocks efficiency, but also self-coaching opportunities!

One customer applied an AI-generated improvement recommendation, and boosted appointments set by 70%!

Improve phone handling skills for your whole team.

What if your team could handle every sales and service call with professionalism, care, and confidence? That's the promise of integrated, AI-powered call monitoring and coaching. Pinpoint conversational improvement opportunities - and activate them in real-time - with phone call recordings, tags, call summaries, and sentiment analysis.

Help your team convert every conversation into an opportunity - and retain more customers.


Customize call monitoring to align with your process.

Quick and easy customizations allow you to map your call monitoring strategy to your unique sales process and efficiently analyze every conversation.

Gain efficiencies without creating new friction with call monitoring and coaching that fits your sales process.

Popular Features


Call Summaries

Our software automatically
creates a concise, accurate
summary of every conversation.


Real-Time Alerts

You’ll receive real-time notifications of concerns that need immediate attention based on keywords.


Call Transcriptions

Every call is automatically transcribed so AI can inspect for actionable insights.

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Call Recordings

Calls are recorded and added to your
Calldrip database automatically.


Sentiment Analysis

AI evaluates every conversation to gauge the attitude and emotions of all parties in the call.


Keyword Spotting

Customizable, automatic tagging helps to easily identify and escalate conversations.

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