Deliver a world-class
patient experience 

Manage reviews and calls for your practice 
to ensure that every lead is properly handled

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Custom Chat Widgets

Engage your leads in conversation while they're on your site with our web chat tool.

Popular Features

  • Seamless branded communication with leads
  • Built-in automated calling functionality
  • 24/7 chat availability

Respond to web leads in seconds and wow your potential patients

Calldrip's communication software empowers your healthcare practice to connect with web and phone leads immediately. This drives customer satisfaction and helps you set more appointments. 

Popular Features

  • Instant follow-up calls to active leads
  • Automatic sales rep call assignment and connects
  • Clear call flows and escalation

Reveal the campaigns that drive patient appointments

Track marketing ROI and gain visibility into your lead sources, calls, and people. 

Popular Features

  • Local phone numbers
  • Conversion tracking and performance reports
  • Real-time notifications and alerts

More reviews without all the 

Show consumers why you deserve their business. Become a top-rated practice by automatically sending review requests to your happy patients. 

Popular Features

  • Satisfaction ratings
  • Request reviews
  • Sync with Google My Business

Staff Coaching and Training

Help your staff get to the next level with customized KPI's, scorecards, and playbooks.

Popular Features

  • Customizable KPIs and scorecards
  • AI call scoring and coaching
  • Performance insights and opportunities

My experience so far with Calldrip has been amazing. When I first spoke to Bre, my team was at a 49-second response time. Bre gave me some great pointers to help me get my team to a 14-second response time. Overall I am very pleased with my experience in working with Calldrip and Bre. Very encouraging and positive.  100% satisfied with their results.

Ashley Lewis
Internet Sales Manager

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