Are You Connecting with Leads Within 60 Seconds?

Our Rapid Lead Response enables you to respond to each and every lead via phone call AND text message - without your sales team needing to lift a finger. Ready to experience the magic?

Are you ready to respond faster, convert more leads and
grow your business? 

Slow response time is a silent deal killer. With Rapid Lead Response software, you can engage your leads and prospects at the peak moment of interest and close more deals. Here's how it works:

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1. Capture Lead Inquiry

First, a lead submits an inquiry via one of your online channels, such as as ad, a blog post, or a landing page. Their contact info is automatically passed to Calldrip, kicking off the speed to lead process.

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2. Connect with Your Lead

Next, Calldrip springs into action, sending a quick text letting your lead know that you've received their inquiry. It also triggers an automated phone call that connects your sales rep with the lead at that peak moment of interest. You'll be speaking with your lead in seconds!

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3. Convert & Beat Competition

With Calldrip's lead response software, your sales team is on the phone with a prospect in under 5 minutes - before your competition even has a chance to enter the conversation! 

Rapid lead response that always connects you in 5 minutes or less.

The faster you can respond to lead inquiries, the more likely you are to beat competitors, engage with prospects, and ultimately close the deal.

Calldrip automatically connects you within seconds of a new lead submission, ensuring that connection is made while your prospect's interest is at its peak.  

Studies show that your chances of actually connecting with a prospect rise dramatically when you respond in 5 minutes or less. 

Respond via call and text message to boost connected conversations.

When a new lead comes in via web, phone, or 3rd party lead sources, Calldrip generates an instant phone call to your team to let them know a lead is in. At the same time, Calldrip's Rapid Lead Response solution kicks off a response to the lead via phone call AND text message almost instantly.

Customers find that sending a text to the lead first that lets them know to expect a call in the next few minutes dramatically boosts call connection rates!

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Increase sales velocity and connect with ~65% of your leads.

Speed to lead has one powerful benefit: improving the pace and success of your sales. Being first is a real competitive advantage, but it's difficult to achieve without technology.

For many customers, the investment in rapid lead response pays for itself in the first quarter.

Based on a sample of customer data, rapid lead response enabled customers to connect with 65% of leads, and 60% of those connections turned into appointments.

Outpace your competitors with speed to lead.

The average sales rep waits over 30 hours before responding to a new lead. We get your team on the phone with new prospects via call or text in under 30 seconds. 

Rapid lead response, or speed to lead, is a clear differentiator for your customers. Even better, it often prevents your competitors from even entering the conversation.

Studies indicate that almost 80% of deals go to the first responder. Don't you want that to be you?


Popular Features


Easy Setup

Works with any existing phone setup. No hardware required.


Custom Call Flows

All incoming leads will be directed based on your team's needs.


Whisper Introduction

Hear a whispered message with the prospect's info just before being connected.


Call Transcription

Get details from your calls so you don't need to listen to the entire recording.


Lead Routing

Route leads intelligently based on source, type, or any combination you need. 


Tailored Scheduling

Set individual call schedules for your team. 


Advanced Analytics

Get detailed reporting on response times, call lengths and more.


Unlimited Call Recording

Unlimited call recording so you can manage your team's conversations.

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