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Here are a few testimonials from some of our happy customers.

My experience so far with Calldrip has been amazing. When I first spoke to Bre, my team was at a 49-second response time. Bre gave me some great pointers to help me get my team to a 14-second response time. Overall I am very pleased with my experience in working with Calldrip and Bre. Very encouraging and positive. 100% satisfied with their results.

Ashley Lewis
Internet Sales Manager

"Calldrip has helped us to drop our internet lead response time from well over one hour to less than 20 minutes.  Since Calldrip was setup here our lead to close went from under 5% to 12.9%"

- Art W.

"Calldrip has increased our connectivity with customers 100%. What we love about the Calldrip system is how quickly it puts our sales staff in touch with our clients and customers."

- Sandra P.

I’m responding to leads faster than ever, chatting with prospects while they are on my website, and improving my online review reputation for my self-storage business! My customers are receiving top notch customer service, and my sales have increased tenfold!

Dustin Judd
Sales Manager

Calldrip created a level of accountability with my sales team. Increased viability in my internet sales processes. Calldrip gave me the ability to actually see and understand what was happening between my sales people and prospects. I have increased closing ratios by 10% easy. Setup was quick with very little training required. Ease of setup and use was the biggest advantage.

- Richard N.

To say that Calldrip has positively impacted our business is an understatement. Our response times have gone from an average of 15 minutes down to under a minute. We're connecting with more customers, setting more appointments, and converting more sales.

The thing I love MOST about the Calldrip system is he real-time reporting. It allows our leadership team the opportunity to actively engage in more coaching and training with our team.

Trust me - you won't be disappointed!

Jordan Faust
BDC Director

"So far we really like the speed of the service and the WOW moments we are getting. Customer response has been really positive!"

- John C.

With the Calldrip system, we’re getting back to our customers within about 10 seconds. This has made a huge difference in terms of number of sales!

- Jeff G.

Since starting using the Calldrip platform we have seen a huge increase in appointments made, kept, and purchased via Internet leads. We have literally doubled our percent of appointments made of Internet leads since starting [with Calldrip]. It helps track out employees and also has drastically lowered our response time. Love the product.

Shawn Reischmann
Director of Business Development

Calldrip is the single most effective digital tool to come out since I started in Internet Sales back in 1998! It has such a huge effect on response times that the 'WOW' factor from customers always brings a smile to my face. I smile even more when I see my appointment, show, and closing ratios skyrocket. CallDrip also helps me to cut out my competition by starting a dialogue before most CRMs can even process the lead! I highly and confidently recommend CallDrip to anyone except my competition!

Ray Velasquez
Internet Sales/BDC Director

We started using Calldrip…and immediately we saw our connection rate increase. We also received a pleasant response from the customer with praise of speed in which we answered their lead.

Before Calldrip we tracked some leads needing 3-4 calls before a connection was made. With Calldrip, the customer is at the computer or on their mobile device leading to a higher connect rate…Can’t imagine life without it!

Lee Jones
General Sales Manager

Thousands of companies use Calldrip for automatic lead follow-up, call tracking, and sales team coaching.

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