Respond to leads in seconds
with a phone call or text

Calldrip Respond is a rapid lead response software that connects your sales team
to prospects at exactly the right moment with an automatic follow-up call.

Thousands of companies use Calldrip for automatic lead follow-up, call tracking, and sales team coaching.

Companies that respond to leads within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to win the sale than those that respond within 30 minutes. Our rapid lead response software helps you be first. 

Rapid lead response, when it matters most

Calldrip automatically calls your sales team within seconds of a new lead submission, ensuring that connection is made while your prospect's interest is at its peak. 


Works with web and phone leads

Calldrip connects with all of your web, phone, and 3rd party lead sources. When a new lead comes in, Calldrip generates an instant phone call to your team. 

Make the call in 30 seconds

The average sales rep waits over 30 hours before responding to a new lead. We get your team on the phone with new prospects in under 30 seconds. 

Syncs with your CRM

Call details are automatically sent to your CRM, saving time and eliminating the need for manual updates.

Popular Features


Easy Setup

Works with any existing phone setup. No hardware required.


Custom Call Flows

All incoming leads will be directed based on your team's needs.


Whisper Introduction

Hear a whispered message with the prospect's info just before being connected.


Call Transcription

Get details from your calls so you don't need to listen to the entire recording.


Lead Routing

Route leads intelligently based on source, type, or any combination you need. 


Tailored Scheduling

Set individual call schedules for your team. 


Advanced Analytics

Get detailed reporting on response times, call lengths and more.


Unlimited Call Recording

Unlimited call recording so you can manage your team's conversations.

Ready to WOW your customers?