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Calldrip Adds Hosted SMS Messaging to Product Suite

Image of Aaron Parsons
Aaron Parsons

Everyone knows that SMS is a great way to reach your prospects and customers. 98% of text messages are opened  with 95% read within 3 minutes.  Thats why we are excited to announce that hosted SMS is now included in our suite of tools.

Now all Calldrip customers can receive texts to their business's existing phone number - even if it's a landline!

Calldrip's Hosted SMS adds text messaging capability to a business's existing voice-enabled numbers and landlines. This allows a business to expand channels of engagement to include messaging. Our service makes it easy to get the benefits of messaging from landlines that aren't traditionally SMS-enabled.

Another huge advantage of Calldrip's hosted SMS messaging is that it enables SMS messaging, all while keeping the same number your business has always used. This allows a business to maintain branding and avoid confusion by sending and receiving SMS notifications from their existing business number. 

For example, if your company calls customers to confirm appointments, you can instead utilize SMS from the same number. This improves efficiency and is seamless for the customer, because the number utilized is the familiar business line.

With this service, you add the benefit of SMS all while keeping the same numbers and the same providers.

The best part is that Hosted SMS is included at no additional charge to our current Calldrip customers.

Learn More About Calldrip's Hosted SMS Messaging:

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Calldrip's Hosted SMS Messaging:

What is Calldrip’s hosted SMS?

Hosted SMS provides a method for customers to use Calldrip’s engage and business texting products to send and receive messages on voice-enabled numbers they already own through another service provider.

Will my current voice line be affected?

No, Hosted SMS does not affect the voice capabilities of the number. Hosted SMS only registers the number for SMS to route in and out from the Calldrip platform.

What numbers can I host on Calldrip for SMS?

Hosted SMS is currently supported in the USA & Canada. Mobile numbers are not supported and VoIP numbers from some providers may be supported. To determine if your business number is eligible, please contact our support team. 

How can I host my number?

You can initiate hosting of your number by contacting a member of our support team. Calldrip will require the end user to complete ownership verification and LOA signature.

What Information does Calldrip need? 
    • The authorized user's first and last name and Business Name, where applicable. 
    • The business service address associated with the phone number. This must be a physical address. 
    • An email address where we can send the Letter of Authorization document to be signed electronically.
    • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user of the number(s). The LOA will need to be completed and signed electronically and will be generated during the submission process.
      • Note: The information and signature on your LOA must match the authorized end user's name and service address provided by the current voice provider.


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