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7 Reasons to Thank Your Sales Team

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Michelle Farnsworth

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, now is the season to express appreciation for ones family, friends, home, health, and various other fortunes of life. Though it is common to count your personal blessings, have you ever considered listing your professional blessings? And more specifically, when was the last time you thanked your sales team, who may likely feel under-appreciated or underutilized? 

The sales department plays a vital role in the success of any business. Their unique and important function is to build relationships with prospective customers and communicate the value of the products or services that a business has to offer.

This Thanksgiving holiday, consider taking a moment to recognize and thank your team for driving growth, maintaining a positive attitude, taking care of customers, and representing your company so well to the outside world.

Here are 7 reasons to thank your wonderful sales team as you reflect on your professional blessings during this holiday season:

1. Thank you for driving growth

A business is only as successful as their ability to sell their product or service, and sales people are the ones on the front line making that happen. You are the driving force behind closing deals and are willing to do whatever it takes in order to make it happen. Thank you for keeping us moving in an upwards trajectory.

2. Thank you for being available, responsible and collaborative

As mentioned earlier, a salesperson is the bridge to connecting a prospective customer with the product. Thank you for being willing to share ideas with one another and follow through with implementation.

3. Thank you for keeping a positive attitude

As a salesperson, each day is different and full of unique challenges as well as new opportunities and possibilities. Thank you for looking at the glass half full as you work through set-backs and focus on company goals.

4. Thank you for taking care of prospects and customers

If you are in this profession you are likely to be what some call a “people person,” someone who is particularly good at interacting with and relating to others. Your genuine care and concern plays a key role in building loyalty and trust between your company and its prospects or customers. Such personal connections is powerful and will have a long-lasting impact on customer relationships, often leading to repeat customers and increased referrals. For you, it is not just about what you trying to sell but who you are able to help.

5. Thank you for knowing how our buyers think

Your unique feedback positively affects our product development and innovation. Being in sales, you are the one who regularly interacts with our buyers in order to know what they are thinking, what they are hoping for, and what problems they may be experiencing. You are the eyes and ears for what is going well and what isn’t. It is that front-line knowledge and experience that can make or break a business.

6. Thank you for keeping up-to-date with training and coaching

Though not always convenient or exhilarating, we are grateful for your willingness to grow and learn as a salesperson. This demonstrates the dedication you have to our company’s success.

7. Thank you for representing our company to the outside world

Your passion for the company and the product that you represent is tangible. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, and drive to support our company is greatly appreciated.

Here at Calldrip, we are proud to rub shoulders with a variety of sales organizations around the globe. 2021 has been a uniquely challenging year, with the ramifications of a global pandemic still being felt, but we want to thank you for also making it a rewarding year despite such difficulties. 

We are here for you, just as you have been for us. Thank You!

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