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Lead Generation Strategies and Techniques

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Michelle Farnsworth


In a study, 61% of marketers state that generating high quality leads is problematic. There are many lead generation strategies, tricks, and tactics, but not all of them are effective.

The problem with formulating the best lead generation strategy comes from the fact that there is not enough data out there to reliably draw conclusions from. It is also important to realize that one good lead generation strategy is not going to be enough, you have to use a mix of effective strategies to really maximize your results.

1. Have a dynamic and behavioral lead scoring method

Figure out what makes a lead qualified and you must go beyond the demographics to enhance the lead scores. Consider how the prospect reached your website and what actions they have taken, when calculating the lead scores.

This is important because it will give you a deeper understanding of where a prospect is on their buyer’s journey. Depending on their position, you must have an action plan ready to take to the next point.

2, Balance inbound and outbound tactics

Overly depending on either inbound or outbound methods is not going to get you very far. Inbound methods such as content marketing are indeed very strong and impactful, but after reaching a certain point you will have to add outbound and paid strategies to sustain the growth triggered by the inbound methods.

You can get the maximum results only if you diversify your lead generation tactics.

3. Have a collaborative marketing and sales team

The marketing must engage with the sales team from early on and constantly seek their qualitative feedback. Being blind to what is happening on the sales side is the wrong way to go. Combining their feedback with the quantitative feedback of the marketing team will give a more holistic picture of what’s happening.

It will allow you to understand where to target more and where to target less and hence, maximize your ROI. Using both these inputs you can create a well-optimized mix that will boost the sales performance and growth.

4. Nurture strong social media relationships

Social media is an incredibly powerful way to generate and nurture leads. While it is not solely enough to drive the complete conversion, it certainly a strong lead generation tool. Most businesses make the mistake of using it as a promotional tool; instead figure out how you can add value to your prospects and build your influence. See how you can engage your audience.

For instance, find a few groups on LinkedIn that are relevant to your product/service; be very active in these groups and answer any questions with value-packed advice and just start making yourself heard by starting conversions around the areas you excel at.

When you generate commotion in groups where your prospects hang out, you start getting noticed and without explicitly having to promoting yourself.

5. Have a smart content marketing strategy in place

Content marketing is a tool that is at everyone’s and anyone’s disposal and no doubt it has become one of the most popular marketing strategies for all types of businesses. But about 60-70% of the content on the internet goes unnoticed because it doesn’t serve any purpose or add any value.

So as easy as it is to enter the content marketing zone, only top-notch content that is relevant and contextual will make it to the top. Therefore, you should walk into it without a sound strategy in place.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself in order to formulate the right strategy:

  • What metrics are you going to use as your key performance indicators (KPIs)?
  • What is the niche you want to focus on while creating content?
  • What resources will you use to come up with content ideas? (user problems, issues, and questions, Q&A platforms etc.)
  • What content presentation and writing style will you follow?

And more.

The takeaway is that only useful content that has an objective and a purpose (not promotional) will score.

Wrapping up

These strategies are straight forward and easy to  implement.  The list above is effective but not exhaustive. A lot of factors come into play including having the right people in your team, experimenting with new untested ideas, plotting the buyer’s journey effectively and so much more.

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