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How to Field an Inbound Call from a Prospect

Image of Kinsey Sullivan Wolf
Kinsey Sullivan Wolf

These days, inbound phone inquiries may be less common than they once were. They’re no less important, though. A qualified inbound call tells you that your lead is serious - so take them seriously.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you respond to inbound calls from your prospect effectively.

Here is how to answer inbound calls from a prospective customer in 6 simple steps!

1.  Express Gratitude and State the Company Name

First, it’s important to thank the prospect for taking the time to call you. Then, quickly let them know the name of the business they’ve reached.

That way, if they’ve actually dialed the wrong number, you don’t waste anyone’s time.

2. Next, Ask Who’s Calling

It’s a good idea to quickly ask for the caller’s name. That way, you can start to build rapport if they’re a prospect. 

It’s also helpful to quickly put the ball back into the caller’s court, because they might be a salesperson. By asking them for a little information about themselves, you can figure out the right way to route that call, again without wasting anyone’s time. 

3.  Discover How You Can Help

Third, ask how you can help! This is the most important part of the call. 

Don’t interrupt; instead, let them give you as much information as they feel comfortable. You never know what you might learn in this initial explanation of why they’re calling.

4.  Explore the Situation

You’re likely to have a few questions about the information they just shared, and that’s great. Now is the perfect time to explore the situation.

If your company has already defined qualifying questions, ask those now, too. 

5.  Ask for the Appointment

If the lead is qualified, your next step will be to ask for an appointment with them. Depending on the product or service you sell, your next step might be to ask for an in-person appointment or another call. 

You may experience a little friction when trying to choose a time to meet. If so, you may want to offer two different appointment slots that the lead can choose from. It’s okay if neither of those times work. The goal is just to get the conversation moving by providing clear options. 

6.  Finally, Sell the Value of Working with Your Company

In these last few moments of the call, you have a golden opportunity to get the prospect excited to work with you. We recommend that you use this time to explain what they can expect from you in the next call, as well as explaining some of the benefits of working with you.

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