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The Importance of Google My Business Reviews to Sales

Image of Michelle Farnsworth
Michelle Farnsworth

If I were to ask you where you would go to find information about a company you wish to do business with, what would your reply be? If it were the 1990’s you would probably say the Yellow Pages, the early 2000’s a common answer would most likely be a broad statement such as “the internet.” Today? Chances are your reply would be “I’d Google it.” These days having an online presence is no longer optional, it is absolutely vital to a company’s success.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, Google is one of the most prominent review platforms out there. Google is where the vast majority of internet users will learn about your company. Any positive feedback being shared will increase your chance of turning prospects into customers.

Below are 6 reasons why utilizing Google Business Reviews is so important to your business’s sales.

1.  Google Business Reviews Build Trust 

Trust is at the heart and soul of a successful business. Google reviews are popular, and people like to read them before making a purchasing decision. According to one survey, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Trust for a company is becoming more and more relevant for consumers. 

When a company responds to what people are saying about them, their social relationships build a sturdy foundation where brand loyalty can form. The more your customers trust your company, the more they will want to actively be a part of it.

2.  Reviews are a Critical Part of Your Prospects’ Buying Journey 

A recent study found that 9 out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase, demonstrating just how crucial these reviews are to a business’s sales. Customers are expected to be an unbiased 3rd party, willing to write an honest review of their experience with your company and/or product. Another study indicated that 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has some type of customer reviews over one that doesn’t have any such attempt

Genuine customer reviews are the most powerful purchase influence there is because there is no ulterior motive behind sharing their opinion.

3.  Even Negative Google Business Reviews Present a Sales Opportunity

It is next to impossible to satisfy every single person who comes in contact with your company, and so it is no surprise that there may be times when a negative comment or two will slip into your reviews. Keep in mind that unsatisfied customers are more likely to leave feedback than happy ones. However, a negative review does not always have to be a bad thing. 62% of consumers say that they will not buy from brands that censor their online reviews. It may even surprise you to learn that nearly 82% of shoppers specifically seek out negative reviews. Revoo suggests that consumers spend 5x as long on a site when they interact with negative reviews, with an 85% increase in conversion rate.

When a business sincerely replies in a professional way to those negative reviews, trying to address and resolve the concerns of an unhappy customer, it shows prospective consumers that you care about their experience. You ensure that their voice, and yours, will be heard. In fact, 97% of shoppers who read online reviews from other consumers also read the responses given from the business. Every product and service out there has both pros and cons, and a mixture of both the good and bad reviews can increase conversion because it makes your online presence more transparent and realistic. Consider every negative review an opportunity to improve. 

4.  Google Business Reviews Help Companies Make Strategic Decisions

What better way to build products and services your customers want than by listening to them? Positive and negative reviews provide businesses valuable feedback from customers. It allows you to learn about the customer's experience with your business and the impression you left. You can then use those insights to make accurate, intelligent improvements. 

Google reviews help companies optimize, expand and develop in ways that meet their customer’s needs.

5.  Google Business Reviews Improve Search Engine Rankings

Though ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are quite different, they overlap as far as Google reviews are concerned. According to Moz, almost 10% of Google’s entire algorithm is driven by signals originating from Google Reviews. Since Google is trying to supply people with the best results for their search query, it looks at both the quantity and quality of reviews when providing rankings. In their quest to generate the most relevant and beneficial results for local searches, Google not only wants to know what your business does but how your business is perceived, and online reviews are a strong indicator of likability. Both Google and potential customers like to see businesses with 40+ reviews, or at least more reviews than a competitor. Product pages with customer reviews bring 3.5 times more conversions than those without.

6.  Google Business Reviews Generate No Cost Advertising

With a reliable Google reputation, a company can enjoy a no cost form of advertising. Positive reviews lead to a more extensive audience and customer base. Take advantage of this free form of company promotion by gathering Google reviews from current customers. Google makes it easy by providing a direct link for your customers to quickly fill out a review. A higher ranking on Google tells consumers your company is a reputable source to do business with.

First impressions often last the longest and make the largest impression, correlating to a company’s overall sales. Online reviews are a direct reflection of its reputation. Though it will take some time to acquire unbiased, organic reviews that will sustain your company’s search reputation, it will undoubtedly be worth it in the end. 

If you are not currently utilizing Google Business Reviews, check out our free ebook “How to Transform your Website to Win Leads” and learn guidelines for capturing reviews!

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