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5 Sales Strategies to Help Grow Your Business in 2022

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Pam Georgiana

In the business world, the one constant we can always depend on is change. Change can take the form of new markets opening up, innovations in tech, the invention of new products, global changes in policy, or a combination of all that and more. In the last two years, the changes we've experienced had everything to do with the Covid-19 pandemic. We all moved to remote work environments, which created an enormous shift in how we connect and communicate, both internally and externally. We've also embraced the ability to research, shop and purchase goods and services online in a way we never have before.


As we turn the calendar to 2022, we expect even more changes to take place due to the pandemic, as well as the current economic climate. It's likely that many companies will continue their remote work model even when it is safe to go back to the office. There is no sign that consumers will abandon the ease and convenience of online shopping.


Smart salespeople are planning their 2022 sales strategies to address the changes we've seen in 2021 and the predictions of change in 2022. If that is you, here are five critical strategies to get you started.


People Still Want To Buy From People


Even as consumers embrace doing business online, it can still feel impersonal and remote. It's critical to remember that a personal touch is still more likely to lead to success.


Human interaction matters even more now. 82% of U.S. and 74% of non-U.S. consumers want more of it in the future. As more shopping moves online, the more important it becomes that the technology supporting online interaction works seamlessly between channels so customers have a positive experience. Today, 59% of all consumers feel most companies have forgotten about the personal interaction part of an online transaction.

According to Nielson, 82% of consumers make a purchase based on a recommendation from someone they know. This is reflected in the B2B market as well. A Demand Generation Report shows that a warm referral increases the odds of conversion up to four times. 70% of B2B companies state that referrals convert better and close quicker than any other type of lead. In other words, happy customers bring you more opportunities for more happy customers.


Your prospects need some human interaction right now. It's been two years of uncertainty, stress, and change. Now is the time to show you are still in their corner and want to help.

The Customer Sales Journey Moves Online

Even before the pandemic, it was evident that many sectors were finding their customers online, especially retail and service-based companies. The pandemic accelerated that trend to include possibly every other sector.

Without being able to meet a sales rep in person, B2B customers were starting their buyers' journey by doing their initial research online and then making their purchase decision through digital connection points like live web chats, online demos, online reviews, gated content, and automated phone attendants.

Along the way, many business customers enjoyed the digital buying process enough to continue using it, even when in-person meetings are back in the mix. To find those leads, offering both in-person and digital connection points will help you grow your lead base.

Implement Rapid Lead Response

One simple change to your sales process could dramatically reduce competition and fuel more sales. Studies show that there is a technique, and that it’s both affordable and achievable. We call it “rapid lead response.

Rapid lead response is the practice of contacting leads as quickly as possible after they’re received. This approach helps your prospects get answers when they’re actively shopping, at the peak moment of interest.

Make it a priority to respond to all leads in under 5 minutes. Fresh leads are a golden opportunity and you only have a short opportunity to reach them before your competitors do. If you can get your sales team to prioritize and respond to the freshest leads - studies show these leads present the best opportunities - appointments and sales will follow.

To successfully implement rapid lead response requires building technical efficiencies into your sales processes. Calldrip's all-inclusive software solution assigns leads, and kicks off that first call and/or text to connect your sales team accurately - and automatically.

This software will not only cultivate your lead list, but will also enable your sales team to reach greater success. Technologies like this also feature extensive analytics that are critical in ensuring your sales team is working at their highest level and achieving their sales goals.


Train Your Staff To Communicate About Challenges


A recent Gallup poll, 68% of B2B customers are lost because they feel indifference or apathy from their salesperson. Your customers understand that the last couple of years were challenging for everyone. For example, the well-documented supply chain issues are not expected to end anytime soon. If these issues are affecting your inventory, be transparent about that.


Customers and leads expect prompt answers to questions and concerns, detailed information when they ask for it, and generally positive interactions with your sales team. The new year is a great time to coach your team on effective communication strategies, including emotional intelligence and active listening.


Calldrip's analytics and coaching tools will help you deliver actionable and effective sales training that can help your team meet and exceed their sales goals.


 Unlock Growth With Coaching

Speaking of coaching, did you know that companies using a sales coaching program achieve 28% higher win rates and 7% greater annual revenue growth? Coaching is not about telling your sales team what to do. It is so much more than that. Effective coaching arms sales teams with the tools and knowledge to make better sales calls and be more productive. However, many organizations do not take the time or the expense to coach their sales teams.

Calldrip's coaching software offers not only call coaching but conversation scorecards, customized KPIs, and purpose-driven playbooks. If your team is focused on enhanced performance in 2022, coaching can help your team unlock your next level of success.

Start implementing your 2022 sales strategies now. To do that, you must first outline your 2022 business goals. Is it increased revenue? Is it cutting costs? Is it building your lead list? Is it all of the above? Calldrip can help your business achieve all of them. We can help your team build strong connections with leads, nurture those connections to conversion, and learn new tactics to bring new prospects to your organization. And all for a very affordable investment.

Schedule a demo to learn how Calldrip can help your organization achieve every one of your 2022 goals.

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