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Calldrip Announces New ELEAD1ONE CRM Integration

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Michelle Farnsworth

Calldrip has announced its completed integration with CDK Global’s ELEAD1ONE CRM. This new integration incorporates the two company’s focus on ultimate customer experiences and total relationship management throughout the customer journey. With nearly 10,000 customers, ELEAD1ONE users will have access to simultaneously synced rapid lead response and CRM information.

With Calldrip, as leads come into the dealership, a call with the customer’s information is routed by the software to either a sales or BDC representative. Once a representative at the dealership hears the lead information, a new call is triggered to the potential customer within 60 seconds to set up an appointment. The call is recorded, scored and saved for future training and follow-up at the dealership.

This integration allows for any information updated in one program to be automatically updated in the other, saving time and freeing up agent efforts. Key components of this integration include:

  • Calldrip Rapid Response data
  • Stop the clock
  • Assign the answering agent
  • Updated notes and recording URL
  • Track and record inbound and outbound calls to any lead
  • Click-to-call

About Calldrip

For more than 10 years, Calldrip has been dedicated to helping businesses respond immediately to new inquiries. We have leveraged this experience to develop our suite of sales automation tools and have now deployed this technology to thousands of customers worldwide. By triggering a phone call between your sales team and your prospect while they are still on your website, we are able to increase conversations by as much as 900%. The privately held, fast-growing company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit

About CDK Global’s ELEAD1ONE

As a trusted software and business consultant to more than 9,300 clients across the U.S. and Canada, ELEAD1ONE captures the intimate relationships and experiences automotive retailers and consumers have with one another and with their environment. ELEAD1ONE stands ahead of the curve in its commitment to reinvigorate today’s challenging automotive retail environment. Our ongoing, open platform represents an unwavering commitment to the automotive industry, its growth, and providing a strategic business advantage for our clients. ELEAD1ONE drives you forward with one platform and unlimited possibilities. For more information, visit



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