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Calldrip adds Perfect Voicemail to Product Suite

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Aaron Parsons

How many times have you left a voicemail for a prospective customer and wish you could do it over?  Yes, you can wait and see if you have the option of deleting and re-recording your voicemail, but that's time-consuming. The simple step of leaving the message can also take up valuable time over the course of a day.  

With Perfect Voicemail, you can automatically leave the perfect message every time. 

When a prospect's voicemail starts, you simply press #7 and hang up.  This allows you to  leave the perfect custom pre-recorded message, saving time and increasing productivity. 

A crucial element of every salesperson’s day is responding internet inquiries and making outbound calls to prospects. Creating a personal connection with prospects is essential for closing the sale.

The challenge is a large portion of calls go to voicemail. Leaving a personal voicemail is ideal but there is only so much time in the day, and waiting to leave a voicemail wastes a salesperson's valuable time.  Not to mention, leaving a less-than-optimal message can have a negative effect on the sale.

Always leave the right voicemail message in minimal time with Perfect Voicemail.

It's built to save sales teams time and energy, while maintaining that critical personal touch. Here's how...

How Perfect Voicemail Works

Perfect Voicemail is easy to create and set up. 

Simply record and load your custom voicemail into your profile. Then when you are on a call, if it goes to voicemail, you can immediately press #7 and your recorded message will be there for the prospect.  You can hang up and move on to your next sales call.

It's truly as simple as pushing a button.

Why is Perfect Voicemail so useful

The objective of every sales representative is to create a personal connection with potential customers. Phone calls are arguably the most personal - and powerful - trust-building tool in a sales person's toolkit. However, it's often difficult to reach a prospect on the phone. 

This is why an automated voicemail is so useful.  It allows you to automatically leave a voicemail and move on to your next prospect without wasting valuable time. The biggest benefits are:

  • Valuable touch point: Historically many sales reps would simply not leave a voicemail message. When this occurs you are losing an opportunity. The reason for a voicemail isn’t necessarily to get a call back from the prospect. Of course it’s nice if they do, and there are ways to increase your chances of a return call, but it’s very shortsighted to not leave a voicemail. Leaving the right voicemail will greatly improve the likelihood of them answering the second call and there is no chance for a call back if you don't leave a message.
  • Increased productivity: The most valuable benefit is saving time.  Simply by pressing #7, you can leave the prefect voicemail even as you move onto engaging other prospects.  This with other prospects without interruption. This enables higher call volumes, and ultimately higher chances of getting someone to pick up.
  • Improved efficiency: Leaving a great voicemail every time shows professionalism and integrity. Remember, many times a voicemail may be the first interaction with your business. Do you want their first impression of you to be someone that hung up on them?

Leaving the perfect voicemail every time is imperative for creating a great first impression. It allows the prospect to know a little bit about you and your business. When you call them back, they will feel less apprehensive and on a more likely to pick up the phone. 

Want even more guidance on how to leave a perfect message? Download this free voicemail call script today!

Get the Call Script

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