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Supercharge Your Rapid Lead Response with Automated Text Messaging

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Michelle Farnsworth

Communication preferences are as unique and varied as leads themselves. That’s why it’s important to use multiple communication channels as you guide each lead through your sales funnel. However, there tends to be one favored mode of contact across the board: texting. In fact, 90% of people prefer to receive text ads over direct calls or emails.  

According to 2021 SMS marketing statistics in the USA , 98% of adults own a mobile phone (8 billion people worldwide), with 95% of their text messages being read AND responded to within just 3 minutes of being received. Talk about the need for speed! 

If your business is going to be competitive in such a fast-paced and highly connected professional environment, automated texting is essential

In this blog, you’ll learn how automatic text messages can supercharge your rapid lead response.

What is Automated Text Messaging?

Automated text messaging is a fast and simple way for businesses to send many messages to their customers via text. These SMS messages can either be triggered, or scheduled to send on their own. The most common form of automated texting are one-way alerts where a business sends a message typically containing a link. Examples of this include coupons, overdue library notices, weather delays for kids’ sporting events, abandoned online shopping cart reminders, and appointment reminders.

Automated two-way texting conversations takes SMS one step above static alerts, where the recipient interacts by responding back to complete a task. Examples of this include rate your experience polls and appointment confirmations. Two-way communication is essential, with 60% of customers wanting to be able to respond to SMS messages they receive from a company.

The Importance of Rapid Lead Response

Rapid lead response is becoming increasingly vital because prospective customers want FAST: fast information, fast answers, fast response times, and fast delivery. The quicker you can connect with a potential customer the more likely it is that you will close the sale. In fact, you are 100x more likely to convert a lead if you communicate within 5 minutes of their inquiry. 

A Winning Combination

With a combination of both automated text messaging and rapid lead response, there is no doubt that your conversion rates will be booming! Such a system can help you be more efficient and effective in the long run while allowing you to focus more on the things you really enjoy doing - such as creating partnerships, closing deals, and exploring new ways to grow your company.

What to Consider When Choosing Text Message Marketing Software

The following are items to consider as you search around for the best text message marketing platform for your business:

  • Usability - Find a text messaging software that has an intuitive interface, one that is easy for marketers to use.
  • Account Support- The best marketing softwares will have help available whenever you need them. They should also provide training as well as effective technique recommendations.
  • Simple SMS signup - It is important to be able to grow your SMS list quickly and in order to do so you need to make sure that the sign-up process is simple. Evaluate the sign-up yourself so that you know what your prospects can expect.
  • Lead assignment - Does your automated text message system assign leads to specific representatives? Look for a text message automation solution that aligns with your sales process.
  • Inbox management - Modern text message automation tools will include multiple inboxes (sales, service, billing, etc. )  so that your teams have visibility into open and closed conversations. This helps make sure no leads slip through the cracks. It also provides important visibility into the conversations your team is having with prospects, which can be helpful for operations.
  • Integration support - Please make sure that your text message marketing cooperates well with your other systems so that you will only have to utilize minimal IT support.
  • Offer calls as well - From time to time you will run across a prospect who is not so fond of texting, so it is always nice to make sure you have a plan B integrated within your SMS system.

Supercharge your rapid lead response by incorporating automated text messaging into your sales arsenal. Text messaging is a vital communication channel and marketing tool, one that will only continue to grow in popularity for both prospects and businesses. Don’t miss out on utilizing this simple yet profoundly effective tool for you company. Book a demo with Calldrip to see how we can help you implement automated text messaging as part of your rapid lead response strategy today!

See it in Action

And if you’d like to brush up on your mobile communication manners, check out the 5 Best Practices for Texting Leads and learn more about business etiquette involved while using SMS marketing.

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