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Text Messaging

A Quick-Start Guide to Business Text Messaging

Image of Pam Georgiana
Pam Georgiana

How are you currently communicating with leads, building your customer base or enhancing customer loyalty? If you’re like most businesses, email is an important part of your conversational strategy. But have you thought about using Short Message Services (SMS) or business text messaging? You should! 

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5 Best Practices for Texting Leads

Image of Michelle Farnsworth
Michelle Farnsworth

In today’s convenience-focused world, it doesn’t get much better than texting. Nearly everyone has a cell phone, I'll bet your smartphone is within arms reach right now. And unlike an email inbox, which is likely filled with dozens of long, unopened emails, text messages are nearly always opened and read. In fact, according to reports from Mobile Marketing Watch, emails have a mere 22% open rate whereas text messages have an off-the-charts open rate of 98%. According to another study, an astounding 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.

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