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9 Statistics that Prove the Power of Sales Coaching

Image of Kinsey Sullivan Wolf
Kinsey Sullivan Wolf

Sales coaching is one of the best kept secrets in high-performing sales. We know this from personal experience with our award-winning sales coaching software. But don’t just take our word for it! Here are sales coaching statistics that clearly demonstrate the value.

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4 Important Metrics to Include in Your Salesperson Call Report

Image of Pam Georgiana
Pam Georgiana

Your business relies on the success of your sales team. They're out there hustling every day to win those sales. But most sales require multiple calls and messages before the close.

Your team is probably already tracking those outbound follow-up calls. But what about those unexpected incoming sales calls? Who handles those? How are they converting? Today’s top-performing sales teams need a process for tracking key metrics related to both outbound and inbound calls.

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