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Why Conversational Sales is the Best Strategy for 2022

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Kinsey Sullivan Wolf

In a world where 80% of buying decisions are driven by emotion - even in B2B sales - it’s time for an approach to sales that’s more human. After all, no matter how great your sales and marketing system, it alone won’t close the deal. You need to build a relationship for that. 

Prospects and customers both prioritize a trusting, authentic relationship with salespeople.

However, despite this fact, many businesses are moving to replace a human touch with impersonal, digitized processes.

While manual sales processes can be difficult to measure and optimize, particularly without leveraging tools that ensure consistency, the fact remains that your human salespeople are one of your greatest assets. What if you could enable human connection in the sales process at scale? That’s the power of Conversational Sales.

In this blog, you’ll learn three major benefits of Conversational Sales. 

You'll learn how a Conversational Sales strategy incorporates the human element into your sales process to improve customer experience, and unlock sales potential.

What is Conversational Sales?

Conversational Sales is a relatively new approach that blends relationship-building techniques with technology to streamline the sale. It’s all about striking up the perfect conversation at the right moment, with qualified buyers, to navigate questions and doubts with ease. 

You're never going to replace the salesperson - after all, people buy from people! 

Conversational Sales brings the human element back to modern marketing and sales programs by enabling your sales team to build stronger relationships with prospects, faster, improving efficiency in your whole sales process.

Conversational Sales strategy is built on three important pillars: speed of response, meeting your customers where they are, and embracing human connection.

In the next section, you'll learn more about these three pillars and what they mean for your business.

3 Pillars of Conversational Sales

There are three essential pillars of Conversational Sales. They are:

  1. Prioritize speed of response. The best time to communicate with a prospect is at their peak moment of interest: when they engage with you. 
  2. Meet your prospects where they are, when they're ready. By putting the prospect first, you build trust and add value before asking for the sale. 
  3. Embrace the human element. Prospects don't buy from companies, they buy from people. After the sale, those relationships also contribute to customer loyalty, positive reviews, and referrals.

Why Does Conversational Sales matter?

Maximize The Power of Your Existing Sales Talent 

A strong Conversational Sales strategy streamlines and standardizes your existing manual sales process. Over time, allows companies to build a high-efficiency sales process, without needing to hire a small army of sales representatives. 

Improve Marketing & Advertising ROI (Return on Investment) 

If you're spending money on lead generation (online or offline), Conversational Sales can help. By responding at the peak moment of interest with a genuine conversation, you can increase online conversion rates, improve customer experience and shorten the sales cycle. Conversational Sales tools ensure that you're maximizing your marketing efforts. 

Optimize Your Program Over Time 

Conversational Sales is a rare strategy that improves sales performance in the short term and the long term. This is because, at every step, you're prioritizing your prospects while seeking standardization. Over time, your team keeps getting better at serving them more efficiently.

Conversational Marketing and Sales is complementary to traditional marketing and advertising tactics, like in-person meetings and mailers, by efficiently integrating the human element. Imagine how much easier that first in-person meeting can be if the prospect already recognizes the sales representative from a phone call, web chat, voicemail, or video message. It even aligns with digital marketing and sales tactics, because they all prioritize efficiency, connection, and availability.

Ultimately, Conversational Sales works with your overall marketing strategy to make sales more efficient and more long-lasting.

If you want to learn more about Conversational Sales, how to implement it at your organization, and how to align it with your existing marketing and sales efforts, this eBook is for you. 

Download the eBook, Why Conversational Sales is the Best Strategy for 2022, here!

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