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Why Conversational Sales Should Be Part of Your Customer Success Strategy

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Michelle Farnsworth

Here at Calldrip, we talk a great deal about how conversational sales enablement plays a huge role in the outcome of your sale, but there’s another element that’s just as vital to your ultimate success: how you treat your customers. Customers are searching for genuine conversations and personalized experiences as they work to solve their problems. Authenticity and a listening ear are just as crucial as the information you have to share.

What is conversational sales enablement?

If you are not familiar with conversational sales enablement, it is a unique approach developed by Calldrip that blends both conversational sales and sales enablement into a one-of-a-kind strategy. Here the focus is to continuously support and train your sales team at the very moment they are working to create and maintain relationships with prospects and customers. This approach prioritizes building a human connection, while operationalizing your sales. As a result, your sales team will feel a greater sense of empowerment, understanding, and satisfaction as they connect with and convert leads. 

We call it “conversations at scale.” What that means is that you’ll be able to offer efficient, real-time, individualized engagement to prospects that helps advance opportunities and close deals.

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What is Customer Success?

Customer success is all about empowering customers to achieve their goals with your product or service, ensuring their satisfaction, and adding value over time.. It is a relationship-based approach to improving customer happiness and retention. 

Customer success is more than simply customer service; customer success is all about adding value and building a real relationship, which is what makes it such a great match with conversational sales. After all, the success of a business is intricately intertwined with the success of its customers.

Conversational Sales for Customer Success Improves Customer Experience

The entire customer experience is of utmost priority, which is why establishing and maintaining a working relationship with customers is so crucial.

Through conversational sales, customer experiences improve. 

We’ve all experienced  trying to contact a person or business, but hearing nothing in return. You probably become annoyed and began to lose faith in the company. You likely felt that they didn’t value your business. This experience has unfortunately become common especially in industries that struggle with supply chain issues. The reality is that your customers have options, and a failure to engage will prompt them to take their business elsewhere. 

The conversational sales enablement approach encourages an instant response to every lead, which is made possible through automation technology. We’ve seen that you can immediately improve customer experience by doing something as simple as taking the time to return a phone call.

Through conversational sales enablement and customer success, customer retention also increases. According to a study by Drift, 70.1% of the average organization's revenues come from existing customers. This means that your existing customers are at least as important as new prospects. Your goal is to create a positive impression from your first interaction through your last renewal conversation. The customers you take care of now are more likely to be loyal to you in the future - and you don’t have to spend more marketing dollars to acquire them.

On the other hand, not taking care of your customers has an impact, too. Just like the saying “chickens coming to roost” implies, any poor communication or lack of positive customer experience will ultimately come back to bite you. 

The bottom line is this: your job is not to simply sell, but to help customers solve their problems through the myriad of unique solutions that you have to offer. 

You are there to support them through each step of their journey. The experience that you give your prospects and customers will make or break your relationship with them, and ultimately make or break their sale with you. Turn each customer interaction into an interpersonal customer victory story and see your company success escalate.

Our approach to conversational sales enablement allows you to do just that, at every stage of the buying journey. Experience an all-in-one software, combined with industry-leading customer success, when you choose to partner with Calldrip. We’re ready to get started when you are:

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