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5 Benefits of Form-to-Call Software for Sales Teams

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Pam Georgiana

Your marketing team works hard to attract prospects from various digital channels (such as search engines, social media, and ads) and drive them to your website to see what you have to offer. Your web developer also works hard to optimize your website so that visitors are intrigued about your product and fill out a form for more information.  Then, it's your sales team's turn. Are they ready? 

HubSpot reports that 50% of businesses say inbound marketing strategies, such as forms, are their primary source of leads.  However, there is also evidence that forms and other leads from digital channels are often not responded to or are contacted days or weeks later. (Salespeople are busy, after all!) 

 If, like most companies, your sales team has trouble following up on lead forms, form to call software is your answer.  

What is Form to call software?

Lead call automation is a critical tool for any sales team. Form-to-call software is part of a lead response automation strategy. Form-to-call automation software collects every form submitted and instantly triggers a phone call from your sales team to the prospect. Also, the prospect's data is stored in the software. Your team has access to it during the call, and for any other connection they make with the prospect. Simply put, form-to-call software ensures that every lead that submits a form gets a timely response.

Calldrip is one company that offers a form-to-call software. Calldrip Respond supports your sales team, no matter the size of your team, or your product or service. With Calldrip, the automation is done within our system. All your sales representative has to do is answer their cell phone. 

Still not convinced? Let's review the five benefits of integrating form-to-call software into your sales process. 

1.  Be First

It's important to be the first sales team who responds. A study by Lead Connect, reports that 78% of customers purchase from the brand that responds to their inquiry first. 

Think about it. "Speed to lead" does not happen often. Your prospects will be impressed by your quick response. That first contact will help your team build credibility and trust, which can influence their purchase decision. 

Why would they choose your competitor when you've shown them how important their business is to you? 

2.  Be Fast

A sales team's inbound lead response time is critical to success for both B2B and B2C companies. Studies show companies that respond to new leads within 5 minutes are 100x more likely to make a sale than those that reply in 30 minutes. After five minutes, the odds of connecting and qualifying with the lead drop by 80%. 

With form-to-call software, there is no leaving the timeline to chance. Your inbound form leads will always be contacted via phone within those critical five minutes.

It's also possible to integrate a form-to-text software that will send a text to a customer instead of a call. Many consumers report being open, or even preferring, to communicate with businesses via text. New to lead texting? Learn 5 best practices for texting leads here. If your target audience is one of the more phone call-phobic generations, like Millennials or Gen. Zs, text message automation is even more crucial.

3.  Be Consistent

Most B2B sales organizations are notoriously inconsistent. An estimated 58% of B2B companies never respond to inbound leads. That is just leaving revenue on the table for competitors to take. That's not the only money lost; it costs resources to attract and convert leads At least some of those ignored leads found a website through digital advertising. Given the fact that B2B marketers spent over 4.6 billion dollars in digital advertising every year, that means millions of dollars were thrown away. 

A successful lead response is more than just a fast lead response time. Leads should be contacted at the right moment, through the right channel, and with the right message. Form-to-lead software enables your team to be consistent, which shows prospects your sales team is reliable and motivated. 

Calldrip’s form-to-call and form-to-text software takes this consistently a step further with a feature we call “Perfect Voicemail.” Imagine that a shopper submits a form, and Calldrip immediately connects your sales team to the shopper via phone call. But what if they don’t pick up the call? With Perfect Voicemail, your sales representative only has to press #7 and a pre-recorded, perfect voicemail will be sent. This ensures that your sales reps leave a friendly, helpful, on-brand message every time.

4.  Be Friendly

Form-to-lead software solves timeline and consistency problems, but it is not a substitute for human interaction, 82% of U.S. consumers want more of it.  And they are willing to pay more for it. 42% said they would pay more for a friendly, welcoming sales experience. 

By connecting a sales team member to a prospect only minutes after they send a form inquiry, you're showing that you care about their inquiry and want to help them make the right purchase decision. Also, since their important customer information is stored in the system, your sales team can follow up in the way the customer would prefer. Keep in mind that form-to-text software is also available and could be a game-changer for those prospects who prefer that form of communication. 

5.  Be Measurable

If you are interested in form-to-call automation, you’re probably committed to building a strong sales team. Establishing and tracking KPIs are crucial to success. These data points will allow you to see which salesperson is meeting their goals and to help coach those who are struggling.  The connect rate is one of those important KPIs. 

Calldrip's system features a Call Scorecard, our version of Salesperson Call Report. It includes a qualitative rating of each connection, as well as any KPIs you are tracking. These ratings will review the salesperson's performance in relation to their sales goals, such as how often they convert a call to a scheduled appointment or demo.  


In the sales world, there is something called The Golden Window, which mandates the first five minutes after a prospect submits a web form represents a "golden window" of time to make contact and establish rapport with that potential customer.  

Calldrip is an automated lead follow-up system that embodies all of the processes and technology your team will use to automatically follow up with leads and prospects.  The form-to-call software is one very crucial part of the system. An automated lead follow up system will:

  1. Help your team provide exceptional and timely customer service
  2. Improve your chances of connecting with leads and converting them to customers
  3. Make your sales process more efficient

Ready to learn more? Click on the Demo button below. Let Calldrip help you connect to your prospects quickly and automatically.

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