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How Call Coaching Helps Sales Reps Win

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Pam Georgiana

As much as we love the efficiency of texting and email when doing business, there are times when a phone call is necessary. Some of those times occur during the sales process. The phone remains one of a salesperson's most effective communication channels, helping them make personal connections with leads and close more deals.

Impeccable phone handling skills are crucial for building customer rapport. They are also vital for qualifying and converting leads into customers. But not every salesperson, especially those from younger generations, naturally possess those skills. Proactive call coaching can significantly improve a digital native’s conversational skills. Also, ongoing coaching can hone and refine even a seasoned salesperson’s phone skills. Even for high-performing sales teams, there is always room for improvement. 

In this blog, you’ll learn how call coaching helps sales representatives win. 

Call coaching is a secret weapon that can instill in your sales team a culture of continuous learning. It empowers your sales reps to reach their full potential and enhances your overall team's performance.

What is Call Coaching? 

Sales call coaching provides support, training, and constructive feedback to sales representatives. The goal is to help salespeople refine their sales call techniques. Ultimately, sales coaching increases their effectiveness in engaging prospects and closing deals.

Call coaching is more than a one-and-done strategy. It is an opportunity for ongoing training and skill development. Coaching ensures that sales reps have the latest product knowledge. It also ensures they have the latest sales techniques. Coaches can help sales reps identify the most suitable approaches based on each prospect's behavior and responses. Call coaching also fosters a continuous improvement culture by encouraging sales reps to learn and refine their approach as they receive feedback. Click on our recent article to learn more about call coaching. 

Benefits of Sales Coaching for Phone Skills

Sales coaching is a strategic investment that pays dividends to individuals and teams. It's a dynamic process that evolves alongside changes in the market and the growth of a business. 

There is a wide range of benefits of sales call coaching. Here are just a few. 

Improved communication skills

Coaching ensures that sales representatives can articulate brand value propositions clearly and anticipate customer concerns. These skills will help them effectively convey the benefits of their products or services.

Enhanced confidence

Sometimes, a sales rep just needs a little more confidence to get the job done. Studies reveal that sales coaching can improve the performance of the middle 60% of an organization’s sales reps. High-quality coaching can enhance their performance by up to 19%. Coaching provides support and guidance to help sales reps overcome call anxiety and perform at their best.

Increased call effectiveness

With coaching, sales reps can refine their sales techniques and learn how to overcome obstacles. These skills will lead to more productive calls. Just two hours per week can increase a salesperson's win rate to as high as 56%. According to RAIN Group data, coaching also increased average deal size, sales activity, and new leads by 25%-40%.

Higher conversion rates

By improving their phone handling skills, your sales reps are more likely to qualify leads and close deals. Studies have shown that companies with a formal sales training process reach 91.2% of their sales quota. Also, organizations with a coaching program see 7% greater revenue year over year.

So, Why Doesn't Everyone Do Sales Call Coaching?

Good question. The reason lies in the fact that ongoing and manual call coaching is time-consuming and expensive. Sales managers could spend thousands of dollars per representative on manual sales coaching only to see net zero gains for the company. As a result, many sales leaders only embark on training annually or quarterly. This is typically not effective because it's not consistent.

Simply put, consistency is key in sales call coaching. Companies win when they implement frequent sales call coaching. This will unlock real, sustainable improvements. However, when delivered manually, these programs can stretch resources to the brink of no returns. But manual sales call training is not the only option today. 

AI Has Revolutionized Call Coaching

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled ongoing, automated, and personalized sales call coaching. It has transformed how sales teams analyze, improve, and plan their interactions with leads. The software records and plays back on demand each sales call for review. It analyzes each recording to measure the quality and content of the conversation. AI-powered speech analytics identifies keywords, customer sentiment, and tone and speech patterns in the discussion, providing valuable insights into customer interactions. 

The software helps sales leaders tailor coaching recommendations for individual representatives. AI-driven call scoring automates the process of evaluating calls against predefined criteria. This ensures a more objective and consistent assessment of calls, helping coaches focus on areas that need improvement.

AI also facilitates continuous improvement by adapting coaching strategies over time. As the AI system learns from ongoing data, it can refine its recommendations, keeping pace with changes in the market and sales team dynamics.

Introducing Coach, Calldrip’s Call Coaching Solution

If you are searching for an AI-driven sales call coaching solution, look no further than Calldrip's Coach. You will improve your team's performance through the platform's personalized coaching scorecards, custom KPIs, and team benchmark reporting.

In fact, we’re happy to report that many of our Coach customers have increased the number of sales appointments set by 70% or more!

Coach includes these features:

  • Built-in conversation scorecards that measure performance based on custom KPIs.
  • Call tagging that tracks what's converting.
  • Sales Leaderboard that shows who on your team is converting the best.
  • Keyword tagging that identifies and escalates critical conversations.
  • Track individual and team performance over time.
  • AI-powered sales coaching with actionable feedback from actual customer conversations.
  • AI-generated performance report cards provide detailed analytics and opportunities.

Investing in sales coaching, specifically call coaching, is a proven way to improve phone handling skills for your sales reps. By addressing their weaknesses and honing their strengths, your reps can become more effective communicators. An ongoing culture of learning powered by AI-driven coaching software will bring positive returns to your company through revenue and saved resources. 

But sales coaching is just the tip of the iceberg. Calldrip offers a suite of fully integrated, AI-powered conversational sales enablement solutions, including call monitoring, analysis, coaching, and more. Even better, it's affordable. Our customers are reporting dramatic improvements in their sales processes after implementing AI sales enablement solutions.

How Calldrip’s sales coaching works


Ongoing sales call coaching does not have to be a drain on company resources any longer. Calldrip offers award-winning and affordable AI-driven software, including ongoing call coaching, conversation scorecards, customized KPIs, and purpose-driven playbooks. The software is award-winning because it provides your sales team with innovative guidance, tools, and AI-powered insights to improve sales performance and productivity. 

Let our team of experts help you build a custom call coaching program for your business. For more information and pricing on Calldrip's Sales Call Coaching software, click here now.

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