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5 Benefits of Call Tracking and Recording

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Sherlock Holmes once said, "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data." While he may be a fictional detective, he is absolutely correct. He is essentially saying that theories without facts to back them up are just assumptions.

This can be dangerous in sales. With millions of dollars in both expenses and revenues at stake, launching any sales initiative by merely assuming you understand your target customer and their wants, needs, and pain points is risky.

One of the most important bridges from your sales team to the data you need to sell successfully is call tracking and recording. This blog will outline the basics of each essential solution and offer five benefits you'll receive by incorporating them into your sales process.  We’ll also suggest a few best practices for choosing, implementing, and optimizing the right call tracking and recording solution for your business. 

Understanding Call Tracking and Recording

Call tracking uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) phone numbers. Each number is attributed to a specific advertisement or marketing campaign. When a customer uses that phone number to call you, the software records the ad or campaign that triggered the call. It will also record any demographic information they can collect about the caller. The call is routed to the appropriate person on your sales team or in your call center. All this happens in seconds with no interruption to the caller's experience. The software provides detailed reporting on call response times, call lengths, and more. You'll have instant game-changing analytics to improve your marketing and advertising ROI.

Call tracking software collects the source and content of every inbound sales inquiry call to your team. Tracking also routes each call to the appropriate salesperson.

Call tracking technology gives your team valuable insights into several essential functions, including:

  • The performance of individual ad and marketing campaigns
  • Your prospects’ experience on your website and other digital platforms
  • The tone and sentiment of your sales team’s interactions with your leads 
  • The need for sales training or coaching for your team

Call tracking is an effective way to collect crucial data on your sales and online leads. Ultimately, call tracking software measures your marketing ROI and provides visibility into your lead sources, prospects' needs, and sales performance. In other words, it provides you with essential data to run your business. 

Call recording software allows you to listen in on phone conversations between your sales team and their customers. Most call-recording software includes features to record and transcribe the conversations, flag specific keywords, and evaluate the quality of the call. 

Some solutions include built-in coaching scorecards, randomly selected manual call reviews, and sentiment assessments. Call recording provides insights into your sales team's interactions with leads. 

It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific laws regarding call recording in your location. The legality of call recording varies depending on the jurisdiction and laws in each country or region. In some places, call recording may be allowed with the consent of all parties involved. In others, it may require the consent of one party or be strictly prohibited without the consent of all parties. Even if call recording is legal where you are, there may still be restrictions on how the recorded content can be used or shared.

Calldrip’s call tracking solution, Track, provides insights into ROI as well as your lead sources, calls, and sales performance. We also offer an integrated call recording and conversation analytics tool that we refer to as “call monitoring.” For us, it's not just about the recording but what you can do with it. 

5 Benefits of Call Tracking and Recording

  1. Know What’s Working: Data is king. Tracking provides critical data about your sales and marketing strategies that can give you insights into what's resonating with your target audience and what is not. For example, tracking will tell you which of two different digital ads drove the most phone calls. Call tracking helps you predict the success of future marketing and ad campaigns.
  2. Gain Insights into Customer Behavior: 94% of large enterprises worldwide use customer data to deliver personalized experiences. Conversational monitoring is a form of machine learning that uses artificial intelligence and language processing technology to analyze each sales call. These conversations can reveal valuable information about your clients' needs, wants, pain points, and more. The data helps your team personalize the sales experience so that each customer feels valued, which can lead to a purchase. 
  3. Customize Coaching by Channel: With the combination of call tracking and recording, you can attribute each call to a source. This will unlock detailed insights into both your leads and your sales team. For example, you may learn that the leads who come to you from a specific Google ad might be trying to solve a different problem or have a different price point than a lead that comes from a lead partner. These insights are an opportunity to coach your team to be ready for each customer's unique needs. 
  4. Training and Quality Assurance: Call recording allows you to monitor call quality, evaluate your team's sales techniques, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted training to enhance sales performance. By analyzing recorded calls, you can identify common objections, refine sales scripts, and improve the overall effectiveness of sales conversations. Your team will be better prepared and more consistent in daily sales calls. 
  5. Enhance Customer Service: Data may be king, but the customer is the hero. Research shows that consumers will pay a premium, up to 16% more, for a good customer experience. Your sales team should do everything possible to connect with customers on their first call and be ready to provide them with the service they expect. This is easier to do with the help of the valuable insights you receive from a call tracking and recording solution. The software can also improve your ability to resolve disputes and improve customer service. 
  6. Improve Team Connectivity: The training and coaching features of a call recording solution can bring your sales team together even in a remote work environment. The most effective learning comes from using real phone conversations, role-playing, and other learning exercises as a team. 30 minutes of weekly coaching can impact your team's performance. We'll talk more about what to look for when selecting a system for a remote sales environment next.
  7. Improve Campaigns & Boost Marketing ROI: When you know which campaigns drive the most qualified sales calls, your marketing and advertising teams can allocate budget toward those campaigns producing the best return on investment. And they can improve campaigns to perform better through smarter optimization decisions, like identifying crucial keywords to spend money on.  A higher ROI is the result of the above benefits, including better insights into consumer behavior, optimized marketing and advertising campaigns, and improved customer experience. 

“It's so important that we treat prospects and customers as more than just a number. Each lead is an individual with unique requirements. By balancing technology and team talent, we can now meet customers where they are, offer solutions that genuinely fulfill their needs, and respond with lightning speed. The result is a customer experience that feels personal, responsive, and above all, tailored to the individual.”

- Koby Jackson, CEO of Calldrip

Calldrip Takes Call Tracking and Recording to the Next Level

The right solution will depend on your unique business needs, but know that Calldrip would love to be considered. Our call-tracking solution, Track, offers several best-in-class features that set your sales team up for success. They are: 

  • Easy Setup: Works with any existing phone system. No hardware is required.
  • Custom Call Flows: All incoming calls will be directed to the appropriate salesperson based on your team's needs.
  • Auto Attendant: Callers will hear a menu directing them to the proper destination. 
  • Call Transcription: Get details from your calls without listening to the entire recording.
  • Call Greeting: Create an automated greeting for each tracking number.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Tie marketing and advertising to a unique phone number. 
  • Advanced Reporting: Detailed reporting on call sources, call response times, call lengths, and more.
  • Call Recording: Unlimited call recording so you can manage and coach your team's conversations.
  • Easy Scalability and Pricing Options: Our all-in-one software solution is tailored to your company based on your needs and use case.

Future Trends and Innovations in Call Tracking and Recording

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications have significantly impacted call tracking and recording software, and their influence will likely continue to evolve and grow. The software has become more sophisticated, enabling users to collect deeper insights into customer interactions and use the insights to optimize their sales operations. 

Calldrip has leveraged AI by adding these innovative features to our call recording solution:  

  • Call sentiment analysis
  • Call summaries
  • Call scorecards
  • Red flag feature for risky conversations
  • Voice analytics
  • Integration with CRM and other customer experience management platforms

AI also enhanced Calldrip’s text messaging function so that calls you can't engage right away are automatically answered. Also, Calldrip's AI-powered Sales Assistant can send text messages to leads who won't connect via phone and nurture them for 45 days. Sound too good to be true? See it in action here

Call tracking and recording is a critical bridge to understanding your sales process - and your customer - better. These solutions can help you elevate your customer experience and drive more sales.

If you'd like to optimize your sales process and performance, explore the benefits of call tracking and recording software. Calldrip's solution is an extraordinary choice. Take it for a test drive by clicking here.

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