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5 of the Best New Calldrip Product Releases from 2022

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Kinsey Wolf

This year, for all the changes, brought incredible growth to Calldrip. Not only have new members joined the team, but we’ve also won the AWA award, and launched an international initiative.

From a product perspective, our team has been hard at work developing a unified conversational sales platform that handles every type of customer inquiry. With Calldrip, customers can now automatically convert leads to calls from website chat, text message, and inbound calls. As always, we’re focused on building software that not only supports your team’s performance, but also works with your team’s existing systems and processes. 

Over the last 12 months, we’ve released numerous powerful product enhancements to fuel our customers’ sales. 

One of the most significant improvements? Expanding the different Conversational Sales channels that we support to include text messaging, web chat, and a mobile app. Let’s explore.

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Website Chat with a Team Inbox

In early 2022, we released Engage Engage, our online web chat widget that seamlessly converts chat inquiries into phone calls. One of the best features of Engage is the team inbox. This allows sales managers to oversee all inbound web chat conversations, ensuring that each lead gets a response and that all conversations are high-quality and helpful.


Business Text Messaging

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We also released the first version of our business text messaging solution for rapid lead response and conversational sales. Now, you can communicate with prospects on the most convenient channels to build stronger connections. Calldrip’s business text messaging solution enables you to answer questions, confirm appointments, follow-up after leaving a voicemail, send thank you notes, and so much more, all via text. We even included text messaging into our inbound call tracking!

Automated Text Message Response

As part of our business text messaging software, we also released automated text message responses. With this solution, Calldrip customers can instantly respond to inbound inquiries via text message, as well as the classic automated phone call. This means that you can now instantly send a text to consumers who submit a lead form, confirming that you got their inquiry and letting them know to expect a phone call.

See for yourself how our automated text message tool works - no demo required!

Business Text Message Templates

This year, we also unlocked the ability for you to create customized text templates within the Calldrip platform. This allows you to speed up and simplify customer communications. Most clients use this feature to create standardized responses for key moments in the buying process, and ensure an on-brand conversation every time.

We recently published a few business text message templates:

Calldrip Mobile App

We released an updated Apple and Android app that allows you to engage your customers from anywhere, anytime. Our new app allows you to manage all your text conversations in a convenient and easy-to-use messaging app. 

The app allows you to

  • Instantly respond with personal or templated messages
  • Receive lead follow up notification reminders
  • Easily assign conversations and manage all of your inboxes
  • Send photos, videos or PDF's
  • Collect customer reviews
  • Manage your profile, image, schedule and notifications

We’ve also released enhanced reporting to provide greater insights into customer conversations, improved our sales coaching tools for greater efficiency and added Perfect Voicemail so you can leave a flawless message ever time.

In their own way, each of these updates makes it easier for our customers to connect with and convert leads. 

Over the course of 2023, we’re releasing industry-leading new features, including the integration of automated text messaging into inbound call tracking so you never miss an inquiry and exciting new AI-powered call monitoring to gathers detailed insight into every conversation. Stay tuned so you never miss an update.

Ready to try Calldrip for yourself? Get a demo here.

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