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5 Surprising Ways Lead to Call Automation Boosts Your Sales

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Lead-to-call automation is one of the most important technologies in modern conversational sales. In the simplest terms, lead to call and lead-to-text automation is a process whereby a call is instantly and automatically made to leads as soon as they submit an inquiry.   a relatively new approach that blends tried-and-true relationship-building techniques with technology to streamline the sales process.

As you may remember, conversational sales is all about enabling a human connection at scale. The goal is to initiate the perfect conversation at the right moment, with qualified buyers, to navigate questions and doubts with ease. In order to have those conversations, you need lead-to-call automation.

In this article, you’ll learn all about lead to call automation, and why it’s beneficial for your sales.

As communication channels change, it’s important to be able to meet your leads and prospects where they are. That’s why both lead-to-call and lead-to-text automation is important!

You'll also find the tools to decide if this technology is right for your business and how you can get started implementing it immediately.

What is Lead to Call Automation?

 Lead to call automation is the act of automatically initiating a call between a member of your sales team and a new prospect when the prospect submits an inquiry.

Technology exists to automate this call, and make it look as though the call is coming directly from your company. The best lead-to-call automation tools will also allow you to customize how those automatic lead follow up calls are routed to your salespeople based on teams and territories.

Ideally, lead-to-call automation should happen instantaneously to connect with your new lead at the peak moment of interest, when they are actively shopping.

Calldrip’s flagship product, Respond, is one of the industries top lead to call automation solutions. We prioritize rapid lead response, so we’re able to connect you with your prospects in under a minute. Plus, we recently rolled out the industry’s first lead to text automation. Learn more here.

Let's say a prospect visits your website, is interested in your product and wants to know more. So, they fill out a contact form. Calldrip's lead to call automation will automatically pick up the form, convert it to a phone call, text message, or both. The prospect will instantly be connected to a member of your sales team. This timing is critical because prospects are interested in your product NOW. They may not be so interested in an hour, a day, or a week, which is often how long it takes for most sales teams to contact prospects.

5 Benefits of Lead to Call Automation

Wondering why you should consider lead to call automation? Here are five key benefits to keep in mind:

1. Faster Sales Conversations

There is evidence that your sales team will be 100 times more likely to actually connect with prospects if you call them in five minutes instead of 30 minutes. This immediate response leads to fewer lost leads and higher conversion rates.

This may seem obvious. Unfortunately, the reality is that the average sales team takes 42 hours to respond to a lead. Waiting that long has serious consequences. Shoppers have probably found another source for their purchase. Your chance of connecting with and converting them has dropped significantly.

2. Reach Customers Preferred Channel

You are not stuck with just one channel to interact with prospects. If they prefer texting, that channel is available to you. In fact, did you know that more than 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received? Texting has become a critical sales tool.

3. Higher Likelihood of Connection

If you do respond to prospects promptly but the response is an auto-generated email with absolutely no personalization, chances are you'll be ignored. 70% of auto-generated lead response emails go unopened. Lead to call automation ensures a personal connection with each lead.

4. Streamlined and Standardized Sales Efforts

Lead to call automation streamlines and standardizes your sales process so that each lead is nurtured. With more successful sales transactions under your belt, you will improve your sales velocity and build momentum in your market.

5. Better Customer Experience

A recent PwC study revealed that 8 out of 10 American consumers think the most important elements of a positive customer experience are speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service. When prospects have a positive experience with your sales team, they become an ambassador for your brand as well as a loyal customer. When people feel appreciated, they will recommend a brand to friends and family, subscribe to a brand’s promotional emails or newsletter, and become repeat customers.

Lead to phone call automation helps your sales team provide a good customer experience that minimizes barriers, optimizes efficiency, and offers a human element within the technology. It leaves prospects feeling heard, seen, and appreciated.

Is Lead to Call Automation Right for You?

The answer is obvious: yes! Lead to phone call automation is right for almost every sales team. The better question is, why haven't you implemented a lead to call automation system?

If you’re worried that your customers won’t like automated messaging, we understand. But lead to call automation is about creating a personalized connection, quickly, but automatically connecting your prospect with a real member of your team.

The reality is that Calldrip's approach to automation standardizes the sales process to enable human interaction. It doesn’t replace human interaction, but it makes building a real personal connection faster. A good lead to call marketing automation doesn’t feel automated or robotic. All messaging is designed to address each individual's needs. This is important because most consumers prefer human interaction even as they engage with technology.

Where to Start with Lead to Call Automation

If you are convinced your sales team needs lead to call automation, you will need to find a reputable expert to get you started. This kind of technology is difficult to develop and implement internally.  There has been tremendous growth in the SaaS sector, and you should be able to find a variety of software solutions that offer lead to call automation.

Calldrip's rapid lead response solution automatically converts a lead to a call or a text at the peak moment of interest and helps your sales team close the sale. What's unique about our solution is that our system is faster and includes texting lead connections as well as phone. Plus, every Calldrip subscription includes a complete suite of conversational sales tools, including call tracking, review capture, web chat to call marketing automation, and sales conversation analysis and coaching.

We hope this guide has helped you learn about lead to call automation and how this technology can assist your sales team in closing more deals faster and more efficiently. Want to know more? Contact us for a free demo today.

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