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How Calldrip’s Response Software Helps Improve Sales in 2022

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Pam Georgiana

In this age of digital communication and instant response time expectations, every sales team needs good technology to back them up. Many types of lead management software can help sales teams nurture leads through the sales cycle, including content management systems, customer relationship management software, and call response software.

Any solution that boosts your team's productivity is valuable to your team. 

In this blog, you’ll learn how lead response software can assist your team in building a qualified lead base at the top of the sales funnel. 

With a great sales process, these lucrative prospects ultimately become customers and increase your sales. We'll show you how Calldrip's solution can be an integral and profitable tool for your sales team. 

Why Does Lead Response Matter?

Promptly responding to a lead's inquiry is difficult for many sales teams. Believe it or not, only 7% respond to inquiries in under 5 minutes, and more than 60% don't respond for a week! In addition, Forbes reported that 71% of internet leads never receive a response at all. These facts indicate that quick, friendly lead response is a huge opportunity for an organized and savvy sales team. 

Here's another reason why a timely lead response can matter to your team: customer experience is everything to today's consumers. Almost 90% report making a purchase because of their overall sales experience rather than price or functionality. What is a positive experience? Nearly 80% of American consumers say that friendly service, speed, knowledgeable help, and convenience are the essential elements of a positive customer experience. Even if a consumer loves a company or product, 59% say they will find another source if they have a few bad experiences, 17% after just one bad experience. The stakes are high!

The experts at Calldrip have experienced these business trends and have considered them as they developed and continue to refine Calldrip's sales response software solution. As a result, these pivotal insights are built into the product. 

Traits of the Best Response Software

The best lead response software offers features that make your sales team more productive and your business more profitable. Here are just a few. 

  • Speed – As we've already noted, how quickly your team responds to an inquiry is everything. An excellent rapid lead response software assists your team in answering each sales query within minutes, so you are first to respond and, therefore, more likely to get the sale. It's a known fact that sales staff who respond to leads within five minutes are 100x more likely to make a sale than those who wait to respond within 30 minutes—speed matters.
  • Multi-channel communication – Some customers prefer to communicate with brands via phone, while some prefer email or text. Others may like to use web chat or social media. When your sales team offers a choice of communication channels to prospects, you'll win more sales and loyal customers. This is especially critical for sales teams leveraging text messaging. Current trends show that text message automation in sales can help you build a new consumer base.
  • Analytics – Relevant analytics drives your sales team's success. With analytics, your team can pinpoint coaching issues, dive deep into individual salesperson's performance, identify sales trends, measure ad and marketing results, discover customer expectations, and ultimately grow revenue. The best sales response software will provide your team with these insights. 

Calldrip's response software offers your team all three crucial features and much more. Let's take a closer look. 

How Calldrip Respond Works

Our call response software offers an automated workflow that guarantees your team will never miss a lead. In addition, each workflow is personalized according to the prospect's preferences and needs. Here’s how it works:

  • The workflow starts when a lead makes an inquiry via phone, text, email, web form, or third-party lead generation source. 
  • The Respond software automatically generates a phone call and/or text from your sales team to the prospect in under 30 seconds. 
  • The automated text will include a friendly message, often letting the lead know that you’ll be in touch shortly and to expect a call.
  • Calldrip then will kick off a call to the appropriate salesperson.
  • Your sales team will be "whispered" all the lead information they need before the call is connected. 
  • After the successful connection - or missed connection - it's easy to send a customized follow-up text.

The inquiry routes to the best person on your team based on lead source, type, or any combination of factors relevant to you. 

As an additional benefit, the Calldrip Engage software automatically converts a web chat inquiry into an instant phone call or text chat. 

More Calldrip Solutions

With Calldrip's complete response software, you have the system and data you need to implement a successful Conversational Sales strategy.  Our goal is always to optimize your sales team's efforts and increase conversions. 

In addition to the important response software, Calldrip includes:

  • Track: Call and text tracking software ensures all relevant customer and conversational analytics are monitored. It  tracks each call source, so you can evaluate which channels and lead sources are converting the best. You can then make informed adjustments to maximize your marketing and sales strategies. 
  • Review: This software makes it simple for prospects and customers to submit reviews on Google or they can be tracked for internal reporting only. In addition, there is a dashboard that helps you manage all your reviews in one place. 
  • Coach: The Calldrip Coach solution is a sales coaching software that offers you and your team the tools you need to ensure every sales conversation is successful. Your team will have better sales interactions when armed with personalized scorecards and other performance insights based on their actual sales calls. 

Calldrip's call response software could be the deciding factor in your team increasing sales this year. But, the Respond software is just the beginning. Calldrip's end-to-end features help you build high-value connections at scale. Calldrip is an integrated, hassle-free solution that assists your sales team at every point of your customer's journey.

If you’d like to see Calldrip’s response software in action, schedule a demo today.

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