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All of Calldrip's Conversational Sales Solutions, Explained

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Pam Georgiana

Are qualified leads visiting your website but leaving without connecting with your sales team? Are they watching your videos, reading your product information, and maybe visiting your social media channels, but not engaging through your chat function or sending a contact form? Are you struggling to convert from a digital interaction to a personal connection?  They’re interested in your offering, but what’s the missing element that will encourage your leads to engage?

The answer is personal interaction. Even when shopping online, we want and expect a human to be there to answer our questions. 

Conversational sales can deliver that interaction.

Conversational marketing and sales blend tried-and-true relationship-building techniques with technology to streamline the sales process. With this approach, your sales team strikes up the perfect just-in-time conversation with qualified buyers to answer their questions and move them closer to conversion. Conversational sales can be transformative for your business. 

Calldrip is a market leader in conversational sales and marketing solutions. 

Our proven approach to Conversational Sales strategy is built on three important actions: responding quickly, meeting your customers where they are, and embracing human connection. These actions create a connection that will inspire leads to become customers. Let's look at them a little deeper.

  • Prioritize your sales team's speed of response. The best time to communicate with a prospect is at their peak moment of interest, the moment they engage with you. 
  • Meet your prospects where they are and when they're ready. By putting your lead first, you build trust and add value before asking for the sale. 
  • Embrace the human element of the sales process. Leads don't buy from companies, they buy from people. After a successful sale, positive customer relationships will contribute to customer loyalty, positive reviews, and referrals

While these pillars emphasize creating a human connection, there are online tools to help streamline the conversational sales process. 

Calldrip provides the market's only all-in-one suite of Conversational Sales tools.

The software is designed to help any sales team serve prospects better and improve performance.(Hear what our customers say here.)

Every Calldrip subscription includes five conversational sales tools developed to create a personal connection with minimal friction and fallout. 

  • Respond: The average salesperson waits over 30 hours before responding to a new lead. That is no way to win a sale. You're 100 times more likely to connect with a lead if you call them within five minutes. Calldrip will automatically generate a phone call or text immediately after a lead sends an online form. Unlike other conversational sales tools, Calldrip connects with all web, phone, and third-party lead sources, so every angle is covered. 
  • Engage: If your lead wants an immediate conversation, the Calldrip website widget will convert inbound web chats to a phone call or text automatically. The prospect can have that conversation at the precise moment they want to have it. 
  • Track: Your team will perform better with clear data collected in real time. Calldrip's tracking identifies metrics for all phone calls, which can help you understand what channels and sources are producing the best leads. 
  • Review: Once your sales team has connected with a lead, the system will ask that lead for a customer review. Each review is automatically published to the most important review platforms, including Google. Customer reviews are very powerful. 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a review. Calldrip makes it easy for customers to show their trust in you. 
  • Coach: Calldrip's conversational sales tool includes powerful sales coaching software that will ensure every sales conversation transforms from good to great. The tool uses scorecards to measure call performance based on your company's KPIs. Then it will offer feedback and coaching opportunities geared towards each sales person's performance. 

Calldrip's suite of software solutions is purposefully designed to empower your sales team to have two-way personal conversations with prospects at every step of the sales journey. The conversational sales strategy works alongside your overall marketing strategy and will make your sales team more efficient and successful. 

As a Calldrip subscriber, you also have access to these add-on features: 

  • Text a Landline Functionality gives your leads and customers the ability to text a landline, increasing their access to your sales team. 
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a better version of the typical auto-receptionist. An IVR allows you and your team to work from anywhere. Your calls will never be lost or dropped. An IVR will also collect information from callers and offer a branded response to each call.
  • For missed calls, Perfect Voicemail will leave a branded voicemail that conveys the important details you want the lead to know, including a call to action.
  • Several professional service tools, including VIP Customer Connect and Call Coaching, and Call Scoring. These tools will take your sales team to the next level. 
  • Seamless integration with most CRM systems. All of the important data Calldrip's conversational tools collect are easily sent and stored in your CRM for future use. 

Calldrip's customers will tell you these conversational sales tools are just the beginning of the story. The story unfolds when each lead is nurtured and cultivated exactly when and where they are. The happy ending arrives when the lead becomes a satisfied customer. 

"I'm responding to leads faster than ever, chatting with prospects while they are on my website, and improving my online review reputation for my self-storage business! My customers are receiving top-notch customer service, and my sales have increased tenfold!" -- Dustin Judd, Sales Manager.

Calldrip's conversational sales tools will take your sales team to the next level. Call or click the chat widget today for a free demo.

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