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How Calldrip Integrates with Your Automotive CRM

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It’s been a challenging 18 months for the auto industry. Inventory shortages, rising prices, and higher interest rates are having a dampening effect on sales. Economists expect annual sales for 2022 to be 4.5% below 2021 levels, which were also down because of the pandemic. Sales are expected to bounce back in 2023 by nearly 5% year-on-year, and in 2024, sales should increase by almost 4%. So, it will be a slow progression back to pre-pandemic levels for the industry. 

If you work in automotive sales, this is not news to you. You know that every sale you make is precious, and every lead is a huge opportunity. No qualified sales lead should be taken for granted. After all, happy customers become lifetime customers, the kind that see your business through downturns like these. 

That's why it is crucial that you and your sales team have the proper tools to help you succeed. An automotive CRM is an essential part of that toolkit. This customer service, sales, and marketing platform is designed to support the unique buying journey of car customers. Your dealership CRM should help your sales team nurture long-term relationships with customers from the first time they contact you to purchase and beyond. 

As your all-in-one Conversational Sales Enablement software, Calldrip knows how important it is to communicate seamlessly with your automotive CRM. That way, you can be confident that your data is clean and your sales efforts supported. 

In this blog, you’ll learn more about the benefits of automotive CRMs, and how Calldrip integrates with the leading automotive CRMs to fuel your growth.

Let’s jump in.

The Best Automotive CRM Software

For the most part, all automotive CRM solutions provide five key benefits: 

  • Lead Generation 
  • Lead Management
  • Digital/Web Sales
  • Digital and Voice Communication
  • Reporting and Analytics

That said, each automotive CRM solution is different. Every solution is designed to solve a unique set of needs, and offers a different level of support. Your choice will ultimately depend on your company's needs and priorities. 

Most automotive CRMs integrate with other systems to enhance the sales process and eliminate duplication of functions or data collection. This integration ensures that your sales team follows up on every inquiry, and every lead is nurtured to the best of your team’s abilities. 

There are several outstanding automotive CRMs available. The leaders in the automotive CRM industry are:

Calldrip is proud to integrate directly with all three of these auto CRM solutions and numerous other CRM providers. Let’s look at exactly how your automotive CRM and Calldrip can work together to help your sales team nurture and convert more leads. 

How Calldrip Integrates Seamlessly with Your Automotive CRM

The integration between your CRM and Calldrip is handled directly by our customer success team. We'll work with you to ensure we understand your sales process, including how your team uses your CRM and how Calldrip can assist in optimizing those efforts. 

We’ll map your existing data and create a workflow that:

  • Logs every new inquiry as a customer record
  • Assigns every call to a salesperson
  • Posts the timestamp of the call
  • Tracks every subsequent customer engagement and updates the customer’s record
  • Links the call recordings and text messages to the customer’s record and the salesperson’s record

There is no duplication of effort between your communication solution and your CRM with Calldrip's integration. Your sales team can focus on generating, nurturing, and converting their leads. 

3 Calldrip Features Your Sales Team Will Love

When Calldrip connects with your auto CRM, your sales team can work smarter, not harder. Here are three features that your team will love: 

  • Click-to-call: Each phone call starts within the Calldrip software. It's as easy as finding the customer, clicking on their record, and placing the call. The call is tracked and recorded within the record in both Calldrip and your CRM.
  • Text messaging: Calldrip also provides text messaging functionality. This includes automated workflows for standardized messaging and personal, one-off messages. Each message uses a shared inbox and is also recorded in your CRM records.
  • Performance insights: Calldrip's reporting drives accountability for your team by providing insights into each salesperson's phone and text conversations and measuring them against your sales results. 

The Benefits of Integrating Calldrip with your Automotive CRM

Aside from avoiding duplication and reducing your sales team's workload, there are several strategic benefits to combining a communication software like Calldrip with your CRM. 

The integration enables your team to implement a Conversational Sales strategy, which blends relationship-building sales techniques with technology to optimize sales. The strategy involves knowing when to have the right conversation at the right moment with the right buyer. Your team collects, records, and accesses the information required to address each client's questions, concerns, and needs as they nurture them through your sales funnel. 

The integration will also support a rapid lead response workflow so that every new lead is personally responded to within just a few minutes instead of hours, making your team the first to touch these critical new customers. This seamless communication process increases your team's productivity and conversion rate. 

With a call response integration, no lead will ever slip through the cracks, even when your sales team is at capacity. You can track, measure, and coach their progress from the first conversation to the final sale. 

Want to Learn More About the Benefits of Conversational Sales?

Your CRM is just one tool in your sales team’s toolbox. Calldrip's all-in-one call response software should be the other. Calldrip’s solution works with your CRM and includes powerful conversational sales software, lead nurturing tracking, and conversion analytics, including scorecards and built-in coaching tools. Let us show you how Calldrip can help you land those critical sales leads and grow your business. 

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