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The 5 Basics of Call Tracking Software You Need to Know

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If your sales team makes a sale without knowing how the customer heard about your product, does it really matter? Yes, it matters. You've lost an invaluable chance to learn critical information that could help your team immensely. Forrester reports that 82% of marketers think that data from their inbound sales calls show "costly blind spots" in their sales process. Yet 60% say their companies don't track the data they need to convert prospects and customers. Monitoring data is much easier with the help of call tracking software. 

Inbound call tracking is important because when you know who your customers are, where they heard about your brand, how they contacted you, and what problems your product is solving for your customer, you can be more strategic in your advertising, marketing, and sales efforts. The more insights you have, the better your chances for success. 

Before we give you five basic details to know about call tracking software, let's first define what it is. 

What is Call Tracking Software?

Inbound call tracking software identifies and records the source of each inbound phone call in real time. These tracked sources come from local phone numbers on ads, contact forms on a website, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and search keywords. The software also tracks a customer's demographics through their IP address.

Some software solutions also include conversational sales enablement tools, such as call recording and call coaching materials. With these critical tools, you can analyze the language used by your sales team, each conversation's outcome, and the next steps. All the information collected is stored in the software’s database or in your CRM. 

This data gives your sales and marketing teams essential information about your customers and what drives them to buy your products. The data can also help you measure the success of your marketing messaging and advertising channels. With this data, you can calculate an accurate ROI for offline and online campaigns focusing on driving sales phone calls. 

Call tracking enables lead attribution, which can set you apart from your competition. 53.3% of sales leaders do not understand attribution, and 62% admit that they don't do it. So, imagine your team's advantage when using sales call tracking. 

Some elements of call tracking software can be customized to your needs, including:

  • Cloud-based or location-based software
  • Integration with other software systems
  • Addition of other sales call tools like outbound response capabilities and call forwarding
  • Addition of other messaging formats like web chat and SMS texting

Basic #1: How Call Tracking Software Works

When a potential customer sees an advertisement and calls the phone number on that ad, call tracking software picks up the call and routes it to your call center or sales team. While the call is routing, the software collects and stores digital data about the customer and the source of the call. This happens automatically with no interruption to the caller's experience. You customize the call flow based on your sales team's process or schedule. 

Call tracking uses Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) phone numbers. These are unique local or toll-free phone numbers assigned to a specific ad, both traditional and digital. DNI numbers can also track a particular marketing campaign. When a customer uses that phone number to call you, call tracking records the ad or campaign that triggered the call. As a result, you will know who your leads are and where they're coming from in real time. 

Call tracking also records sales calls to provide insights into your sales team's interactions with prospective customers. These recordings offer essential scorecards and training materials to improve sales performance.  

Basic #2: The Benefits of Call Tracking Software

There are several benefits to implementing call tracking software into your sales process. 

  1. It provides valuable insights into customer behavior:  94% of large enterprises worldwide use customer data to deliver personalized experiences. Conversational monitoring is a form of machine learning that uses artificial intelligence and language processing technology to analyze each sales call. These conversations can reveal valuable information about your clients' needs, wants, pain points, and more. The data helps your team personalize the sales experience so that each customer feels valued, which can lead to a purchase. 
  2. It improves customer service: Research shows that consumers will pay a premium, up to 16% more, for a good customer experience. Your sales team should do everything possible to connect with customers on their first call and be ready to provide them with the service they expect. This is easier to do with the help of the valuable insights you receive from a call tracking software system.
  3. It enables you to optimize campaigns: When you know which campaigns drive the most qualified sales calls, your marketing and advertising teams can allocate budget toward those campaigns producing the best return on investment. And they can improve campaigns to perform better through smarter optimization decisions, like identifying crucial keywords to spend money on. 
  4. It increases the ROI of your campaigns: A higher ROI is the result of the above benefits, including better insights into consumer behavior, optimized marketing and advertising campaigns, and improved customer experience. 

Basic #3: Features to Look for in Call Tracking Software

The most important features to shop for are: 

  1. Real-time and accurate attribution to monitor the performance of all marketing and advertising channels.  
  2. The ability to use either static local tracking numbers or DNI numbers to track offline and online campaigns.
  3. Recording of all customer data and connection points to a database or your CRM.
  4. Easy setup.
  5. Intelligent and customizable routing of calls.
  6. Integration with other tools like rapid lead response software and text messaging.
  7. Customizable reports 

Basic #4: How to Choose the Right Call Tracking Software

There are many call tracking software solutions on the market today. However, the best software for your company is the one that best meets your needs. To choose the best option, research your existing process and how you can improve it, clearly outline the goals and pain points you need the solution to address, and prepare strategic questions to ask several provider candidates. While you are researching, consider Calldrip’s unique approach to call tracking. 

Basic #5: Why Calldrip’s Call Tracking Software Is Unique

At Calldrip, we strive to help sales professionals work smarter, not harder, with software solutions that are easy to set up, manage, integrate, and scale. Our call tracking software will analyze each sales call for key customer insights, measure your team's performance, provide essential training opportunities, and provide visibility into every aspect of your sales funnel. 

With our solution, you will:

  • Discover your top-performing lead sources.
  • Know your leads and where they're coming from with source tracking for calls, online submissions, and third-party lead sources.
  • Use DNI phone numbers to measure campaign, ad, or customer results.
  • Get detailed reporting on response times, call lengths, and more.
  • Receive AI-powered conversational insights into every sales conversation, including call recordings, transcription, sentiment analysis, keyword spotting and real-time alerts.
  • Built-in coaching tools to take you team to the next level.

Our software can be integrated into your CRM and other key sales tools. We will take the lead on implementation and maintenance. All you have to do is introduce the software into your sales team’s workflow. You will see meaningful results in no time.  

The reality is that businesses lose over $75 billion each year in canceled customers because of poor customer service. At the same time, it’s now 6 to 7 times more expensive to win a new customer than keep an existing one. In this environment, no business can afford to lose a customer, new or existing. 

That's why call tracking software is invaluable to any organization relying on inbound sales calls to build their customer base. With the insights and analytics this solution offers, your sales team will stand out from the competition and increase customer sales and satisfaction. 

If you would like to enhance your sales team's performance through Calldrip's call tracking software solution, click here for a pricing quote.

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