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Why It Pays To Be Quick

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Michelle Farnsworth


The most pivotal analogy I’ve come across about lead response compares a lead to a freshly captured fish and here is why it pays to be as quick with your catch as it does to be quick with leads. 

Now, stay with me here.

Fishermen work tirelessly to keep their catches fresh and marketable because there is nothing more appetizing to a seafood lover than a fish that is fresh. Imagine being at your favorite seafood restaurant and having them advertise “Trout caught 15 days ago!” Chances are you would find a new favorite. Here is where we find it pays to be quick with leads. 

Just Like Fish, Leads Will Spoil

Now, imagine that your online marketing is a net you use for catching these “fish.” Once these leads (or fish) are caught, they need to be sold while they’re still fresh (aka engaged). Why? Because just like fish, leads will spoil.

Lead generation reels in potential customers, but if you leave these prospects on the hook to dry they will either lose interest in the product altogether or purchase from the competitor who makes that connection quicker. In a study with over 600 companies on how to best respond to web-based leads, it was discovered that the odds of making contact with a new lead are extremely high if you call within the first 5 minutes of submission. The odds drop off dramatically by the first 30 minutes. Specifically, a rep is 100x less likely to make a contact if the first call is made 30 minutes after submission. 

With Lead Response, Speed Takes Precedence

We live in a world of instant gratification. People are no longer willing to wait. They are often impatient, impulsive and demand immediate action. People expect relevant communication at the speed of light. According to a Customer Experience Survey conducted by Genesys Interactive Intelligence Group,  a timely response “is of higher importance to buyers than efficiency, professionalism, effective follow-up, and knowledgeable sales agents.” Being quick to contact means more to your customers than how well you do your job. Crazy, I know!

Why is that? Because people are searching at the exact moment they need something. They are looking for a place that can meet that need while they’re online, in the moment, and engaged. The quicker you can connect with a potential customer the more likely it is that you close the sale.

Here’s Why You Need to Be Quick With Leads

There are three main reasons why response times are so important. They are:

1. Higher connection rates. If you respond within seconds of receiving an inquiry, it is more than likely that that person is still on their computer or phone and ready to engage.

2. Increased sales opportunities. Think back to two days ago. Can you remember any of the websites you were browsing? Chances are you don’t, yet the average call back time is 46 hours and 53 minutes. Rather than relying on faulty and inconsistent memory, a quick response allows you to catch your prospect while your company is still at the forefront of their mind. This will then increase your chance of closing that deal.

3. The “Wow” Factor. The biggest challenge that today’s companies face is, ironically, one of the simplest to address: They don’t respond fast enough to leads! “Wow”, the most commonly used word after a lead response is immediate (like, 8 or 9 seconds immediately). Because frankly, a quick response just isn’t the norm. Rather than getting freaked out by the speed of contact, people are impressed by the ‘hustle’ that is exhibited with rapid response times. This tactic ensures that trust is built from the get-go because people believe this is the way they are going to continue to be attended to in the future. Listen to the clip below to hear customers getting contacted instantly:


Meeting the Expectation

There you have it. The data from numerous studies show that to have success you need to respond to ALL internet leads quickly. By doing so, you not only create a positive first impression of your business, but you also demonstrate to prospects that you value their time. The ability to get things done instantly, paired with the fact that brands are getting better at delivering speedy, frictionless mobile experiences—is driving expectations higher than ever. People are making decisions faster all the time. These same consumers expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly. In some ways, expecting the actual product or service at a moments notice is the new norm. 

So, are you offering fish at its freshest or are you allowing it to rot on the line? If you put forth the hustle, you’ll realize exactly why it pays to be quick. Need some help getting there? Providing the freshest of fish is our specialty at Calldrip!  Learn more insights on lead response in this free eBook: How to Optimize Lead Response Strategy.


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