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7 Features of the Best Call Tracking Software

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Pam Georgiana

Quick question: If you had the opportunity to promote one salesperson on your team, how would you choose the person? You'd base it on their sales performance, right? What if you weren't tracking individual sales per employee? How would you know who performs best?

Well, that is precisely the challenges many businesses face if they are not tracking the sources of their inbound phone calls. They’re making important performance-based decisions about key marketing and sales channels without the necessary data. Fortunately, options exist. Call tracking and attribution offers valuable data about advertising and marketing campaigns. Without this information, companies have no idea how their campaigns perform.

You have many choices when shopping for a call tracking software solution.

We’ll talk about seven important features we suggest you look for when considering your choice in this blog. But first, let's define the concept of call tracking.

What Is Call Tracking?

Inbound call tracking software measures lead attribution of sales and marketing campaigns and initiatives for your team. It works by identifying and recording the source of each inbound phone call in real-time. With call tracking, you will know which campaign and channels are producing the best leads, and ultimately help you measure ROI for your investment. 

Now, let’s discuss seven crucial functions your call tracking solution must have to be effective.

7 Features of the Best Call Tracking Software

1. Lead Visibility

Accurate attribution requires clear visibility into the source of each call. The more details, the better. Lead information should include real-time reporting on:

  •     Lead phone number and location
  •     Ad or marketing source
  •     Ad or marketing campaign and messaging
  •     Peak call days/times
  •     Other applicable lead data (email, name, etc.)

Data is the not-so-secret sauce that drives your marketing and sales teams to success. The more relevant lead data you collect and process, the more you’re able to make strategic decisions that help you succeed. 

2. Accurate Attribution

Not only do you need your call tracking to be visible, but you also need it to be accurate. Accurate call tracking software provides crucial analytics on your marketing campaigns that help improve your ROI. This is only effective when your solution tracks performance from all online and traditional channels. 

Ideally, call tracking provides additional insight into individual campaign and messaging performance. The more detail your solution provides, the more accurate your ROI measurement will be. 

3. Integration with Lead Response Tools

Because your sales process does not end with the first phone call, the best call tracking software integrates with a lead response tool. These tools allow your team to respond to leads quickly and effectively.

Rapid lead response is vital because leads expect you to contact them the moment they leave a message or send a text. Fast response times are critical to conversion. You are 100x more likely to convert a lead if a salesperson responds within 5 minutes of the inquiry. Rapid lead response software immediately sends a new inquiry to your best salesperson while letting the customer know their message was received. When you are the first to call or text a lead back, you've exponentially increased your odds for a sale.

4. Intelligent Routing

Call response software routes inquiries to your best salesperson based on workload, day/time, or lead type. Intelligent routing also means that the salesperson receives the most important details about the lead, their inquiry, and the source. Look for a solution where you can set these parameters in the routing process to ensure a seamless connection between prospects and sales reps.

Another important option is to route calls through an automated attendant so the customer can self-select the appropriate department.

5. Text Messaging

Many customers prefer to use text messaging instead of the phone. The best call tracking software utilizes both SMS tracking capabilities and voice calls. Adding the ability to receive and respond to text messages through your inbound call tracking software creates another potential lead attribution source. In addition, it adds another way for leads and customers to interact with your team. 

Text message automation also ensure every inquiry gets a response. If your sales team is unavailable and an inbound call is missed, having the ability to automatically send a text message advising your business will call back soon ensures customer engagement. It also allows the customer to transition the conversation to text messaging.

6. Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence is a form of machine learning using artificial intelligence and language processing technology to analyze each sales call. These conversations can reveal valuable information about what makes your clients tick. Conversational intelligence may include call recording, transcription, call summary, and sentiment detection.  As a result, conversational intelligence can make your sales team more efficient and productive.

Conversational intelligence also gives insights into how each person on your sales team performs and easy-to-use tools for sales coaching. More on that next

7.  Call Coaching

Call coaching empowers your team to be their best. (If you’re new to sales coaching, start with this article.)

Calldrip's coaching solution includes conversation scorecards that measure performance based on your team's KPIs. You can give feedback and suggestions to each team member and track their performance within the software.

You have many options for a call tracking software solution. But ultimately, the best software for your company is the one that meets your needs. 

To choose the best option, clearly outline your goals and have a frank conversation with each provider before making your final decision. If you think Calldrip would fit your needs, please contact us today for a customized demo.

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