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How to Follow Up with Google Ads Leads - Automatically!

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American companies spend billions of dollars on online advertising via social media and search engines. One of the most popular ad platforms is Google. The average company will spend $9,000 - $30,000 per month on Google Ads alone! So if you’re investing capital in generating leads via Google advertising, it’s important to invest in connecting with and converting those leads, too. Wondering how to follow up with Google Ads leads? You’re in the right place.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to follow up with Google Ads leads automatically!

We’ll cover the key steps of following up with Google Ads leads, and then show you how to do that automatically.

Key Steps of Following up with a Google Ads Lead

There are a few steps to following up with a Google Ads lead. But first, you’ll need to create your campaign and your ads. While this blog won’t go into detail about that, a plethora of resources exist. (The most reliable are the ones published by Google itself!)

So once you’ve got your ad set up, including making sure that you’re tracking conversions (typically done with Google Tags and/or UTM parameters), you’ll want to make sure that the form is working properly, too. With everything tested, you’re ready to go live! 

Here’s how to follow up with a Google Ads lead:

  • When a lead comes in, you’ll want to contact them back quickly via phone and/or text. Research shows that a five minute or less response time is best.

  • It’s also important to follow up quickly with a confirmation email, letting them know that you’ve received their inquiry.

  • Make sure that you document any communication you have - including details of the conversation if a connection took place - in a place that you share with your teammates. For most companies, this is a CRM or other type of communication software.

  • We recommend that you follow up between 5 and 7 times over the course of about 2-3 weeks, if you’re still trying to make that first connection. Otherwise, follow the guidelines defined by your sales process.

If this sounds difficult, that’s because it is! These are quite a lot of steps to manage manually. Fortunately, there are easier ways to follow up with Google Ads leads, even automatically.

How to Follow Up with Google Ads Leads Automatically

Yes, it is possible to automate much of your lead follow-up process! As a company with its roots in rapid lead response software, we know that better than most. So here is our best practice advice for automated lead follow-up:

  • Ensure that your lead conversion data is being integrated with any and all marketing and lead response tools you may be using, such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, or Calldrip.

  • Set up an automated email via your email marketing tool that will go out within a minute of the Google Ad lead creation. 

  • Instantly make a call to the lead using a tool like Calldrip. With our system, when a lead submits a form, we’ll instantly trigger a phone call and/or text message to connect your sales reps and the lead.

  • If you opt for a phone call, our software will “read out” the contact’s information to your sales rep, right before connecting the call between the lead and your rep.

  • Make sure your lead response software also adds the lead’s contact information to your CRM. Calldrip does this automatically.

  • Depending on the type of connection, Calldrip can send a follow-up text message that shares your team’s contact information, lets the lead know to expect another call in the future, or any other type of messaging based on your sales process.

Plus, Calldrip allows you to create a call tracking number that’s specific to your company profile as well as any individual campaigns you’re running. That way, you have complete insight into which channels - and which campaigns - are delivering the highest-quality leads.

Ready to automate your Google Ad lead response? Calldrip has your back.

Our all-in-one sales enablement software makes it easy for you to spark the right conversation with your leads at exactly the right moment, from a wide variety of channels. We support Google Ads, Meta, LinkedIn, and much more! 

And since our software is text-forward, we enable you to instantly and automatically respond to leads via phone call and/or text message, simply with the mobile phone that’s already in your pocket.  See it in Action!

But it doesn’t end there. Calldrip includes call tracking and review capture as well, so your team can consistently deliver an exceptional experience to your leads and customers - while gaining clarity into your entire funnel.

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