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11 Business Text Messaging & SMS Marketing Statistics to Enhance Your Communication

Image of Kinsey Sullivan Wolf
Kinsey Sullivan Wolf

Today’s buyers - like today’s sellers - almost always have their phone nearby. As a modern salesperson, it just makes sense to embrace a text-friendly conversational sales approach. 

Think about your own behavior: how often do you check your mobile phone? How often is your mobile phone close at hand or easily accessible? Your prospects are likely doing the same! 

Need more proof that text messaging is the future of sales and marketing communication?

In this blog, you’ll learn key statistics about the importance of business text messaging to your sales and marketing.

Let’s get started:

  1. Two thirds of people world-wide use text messaging daily. (Omnisend)

  2. SMS open rates can be as high as 98%. (Mobile Monkey

  3. Texts are more than just being opened; they’re also getting engagement. SMS click-through rates can be 10-15% higher than email. (SMS Comparison)

  4. Consumers are 4.5x more likely to reply to a marketing text than a marketing email. (G2 LearnHub)

  5. There is still an opportunity to stand out with business text messaging. More than 60% of marketers report that they’re not using it yet. (SlickText)

  6. The majority of customers (60%) ​​read a text within 1-5 minutes of receiving it. (SimpleTexting)

  7. SMS messaging about promotions delivers real ROI. Retailers who embrace promotional SMS programs typically see a 23.3% conversion rate. (Startup Bonsai)

  8. Texting also has a big impact on customer experience. 83% of consumers would like to get appointment reminders via text, but just 20% of businesses send them this way.  (G2 LearnHub)

  9. Prospects like getting texts, too. 54% of consumers would like to receive promotions via SMS, but only 11% of businesses send them this way.  (G2 LearnHub)

  10. More than 45% of consumers wish they could have 2-way text conversations with companies. (SimpleTexting)

  11. 62% of consumers prefer chat to voice messaging for at least some aspects of communication. (eMarketer)

Business text messaging improves customer experience and allows you to build a relationship with leads, prospects, and customers faster.

Unlike email, there is still plenty of room to differentiate your business by using text messages.

Calldrip’s all-in-one conversational sales solution includes business text messaging. Our tool offers automated and manual text messages, including text messaging workflows and a shared inbox. With Calldrip, you can even send texts from your company’s landline!Learn more about business text messaging from Calldrip!

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