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6 Call Tools to Help Your Sales Team Lead Better Phone Calls

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To be successful in inside sales, you need strong communication skills, solid industry knowledge, confidence in your abilities, and persistence. All of these elements are in play when a salesperson picks up the phone. Even today, the phone call is a powerful tool for building connections and generating sales opportunities. So what call tools are you using to make your sales calls as effective as possible?

In this article, we’ll share six call tools that will help your sales team lead better quality phone calls, and create more personal connections.

But first, why do phone calls still matter?

Why Phone Calls Still Matter

The power of a phone call in sales is significant as it creates a digital opportunity for direct, human-to-human communication. Even with the increase in email and texting, phone calls are still an effective way to close deals. More than half of senior-level buyers prefer a sales phone call

During a phone call, a good sales rep builds a personal connection with that customer. They can convey their enthusiasm, energy, and expertise more easily than through email or text. Also, they receive immediate feedback and can adjust their approach in real time. A well-executed phone call can establish trust, build rapport, and ultimately lead to a successful sale. 

Yet, closing deals via phone can be difficult without the right resources. Luckily, call tools support a sales team with the functions and data they need to build relationships that convert. 

Next, you'll learn about six types of sales call tools that can boost your team's performance and sales. 

1.  Form-to-Call Conversion

One of the most important call tools is form-to-call software. This technology instantly and automatically converts web form submissions into a phone call between a member of your team and the prospect.

There are a host of benefits to this approach, including ensuring no leads fall through the cracks. But the most important by far is that it unlocks rapid lead response.

Data consistently shows that the first company to respond tends to win the business. Being quick is a competitive advantage. Form-to-call software quickly converts an inbound web inquiry into a live phone call. 

Calldrip’s form-to-call software includes a unique whisper functionality; before the call is connected, your sales rep will hear key details from the form submission read to them, like prospect name and details about their inquiry. 

Because we offer a holistic solution, that form-to-call conversion is also supported by call tracking, call analytics, call coaching, and so much more. See it in action today.

2.  Call Tracking

Better customer care starts with understanding how clients learn about your products and services. There are a few benefits:

  • Lead Source:  Inbound call tracking tools document the source of each call. This allows you to understand which channels are originating the most inbound calls. 
  • Customer Insights: Most call tracking tools also track a blend of demographic and psychographic user data. This allows you to build insights about your customers, including their goals and preferences.
  • Campaign Attribution: Many call tracking tools also allow you to attribute calls to specific marketing and advertising campaigns. This provides clarity into the success and ROI of your efforts. 

To learn more about call tracking software, please read our blog, The 5 Basics of Call Tracking Software.

3 .  Call Routing

A good call tracking tool will include call routing. This critical function ensures that the most appropriate salesperson handles each call in the shortest time. 

Good call routing will reflect your team’s systems and processes. For example, your call routing tool might direct incoming calls to a sales rep based on workload, location, source, day/time, or lead type. With Calldrip, you can even set up “Round Robin” or “Jump Ball” call routing.  

Call routing can improve responsiveness, ensure your team is activated, and empower your individual salespeople to handle each call with care. This automation is critical to your team's success because studies show that conversion rates are 8x higher if you can respond to sales inquiries within 5 minutes (InsideSales).

4.  Call Recording

Call tracking tools can also offer insights into call and conversation quality through call recording. This concrete connection to actual sales conversations is valuable, especially in a remote environment where you may not hear calls in real time. Call recording software can also provide transcripts of each call. 

In addition to call tracking, routing, and recording, Calldrip’s call intelligence solution includes data analysis of KPIs like response times and call length. We even offer AI-powered features like sentiment analysis, call summaries, and call scorecards. 

5 .  Call Coaching

The best sales coaching comes from analyzing recorded calls between your reps and their leads. Even the most seasoned salesperson needs a refresher now and then. 

Studies have shown that companies with a formal sales training process reach 91.2% of their sales quota. Also, organizations with a coaching program see 7% greater revenue year over year. Sales call coaching also creates a better experience for the customer when you use coaching to develop consistent service standards.

If you'd like to learn more about call coaching, our recent blog, How to Get Started with Call Coaching, can provide more details. 

6 .  Call Analytics

Call analytics tools bring the data collected through the previously discussed tools into one useful reporting dashboard. Analytics offer valuable insights into who your prospects are, what they want and need, their decision-making process, and their experience within the sales funnel. The tool can also provide important information about your team's performance, including important conversation analytics, which evaluates data from phone calls to learn more about customer behavior and the sales process.

Again, Calldrip’s all-in-one solution includes call analytics that supports effective sales call coaching.

As you can see, there are plenty of options in your search for the best sales call tools. For the best results, find a call tool that includes several functions in one solution and integrates with your existing systems, like your CRM. 

Calldrip's platform provides call tracking, recording, analytics, coaching, routing, and several bonus features like web chat and SMS text messaging. 

We'd love to show you how Calldrip can provide incomparable value to your team. Schedule a demo today. 

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